iOS 14.4 RC (GM) - More New Features and A Few Days Later

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iOS 14.4 RC or iOS 14.4 GM released to developers and public beta testers a few days ago. iOS 14.4 Release Candidate brings a few new changes, but there are more new features that have been found since the release of iOS 14.4. In this video I go over new features of iOS 14.4 RC, and also go over the performance, existing bugs and issues and help you decide if you should install iOS 14.4 RC. In this video I am using iPhone 11, iPad Pro 12.9, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:30 - New features
02:49 - iPhone 12 Magnets
03:34 - Follow Up issues
05:03 - Bugs and issues
06:57 - Green tint
07:44 - Yellow tint issue
08:30 - Battery life
10:06 - iPadOS 14.4 RC
11:25 - iOS 14.4 Release
12:46 - Community poll and comments
18:39 - Should you install iOS 14.4 RC?
19:59 - iOS 14.5 Beta or upcoming release
20:45 - Outro
21:05 - End
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zollotech Muaj më parë
Are you running iOS 14.4 yet? Also what do you think of these super long videos? It turned out much longer than expected. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it.
Leweise 27 ditë më parë
"It surprises me how many people are still using an iPhone 11" most people who upgraded their phones last year will not update on the next, specially in this economy so whats the big surprise & most people don't really upgrade their phones for a year or two. I did but I do that every year.
Jan Bogosyan
Jan Bogosyan 29 ditë më parë
I update yesterday to 14.4 and my battery drain super fast !!! :(( I have 12 Pro Max and my battery was super good with 14.3 .... and cant backup from 14.4 to 14.3 :(
Ioan Dumitrache
Ioan Dumitrache Muaj më parë
I am running ios14.4 on my iphone xs max and i have battery drain, when i let my phone and not doing anything on it i lose battery...keep up the good work, i don't mind long videos. Good luck!
broth3rrr Muaj më parë
can you tell me if 12 pro causes eyes strain like iphone X?
Wali wali
Wali wali Muaj më parë
It is available on 11 pro max
Thecoolwizard 28 ditë më parë
My live wallpaper option is not working on my Live Photo can you help me
Jan Bogosyan
Jan Bogosyan 29 ditë më parë
I update yesterday to 14.4 and my battery drain super fast !!! :(( I have 12 Pro Max and my battery was super good with 14.3 .... and cant backup from 14.4 to 14.3 :(
Shenghong Zhou
Shenghong Zhou 29 ditë më parë
I you go to North Dakota and stay outside for 15 minutes you will be able to to see the green screen lol
rozemo Muaj më parë
it got released to the public
Merlin Ak18
Merlin Ak18 Muaj më parë
I am experiencing this „home-lag“ on my iPad Pro 11“ from 2018 since iOS 14.0
XIII Hidup Tenang
XIII Hidup Tenang Muaj më parë
Me watching this video with iPhone 5S
Tharindu Dissanayake
Tharindu Dissanayake Muaj më parë
It's support iPhone 7 ?
rog max
rog max Muaj më parë
is xbox series controller now compatible?
Akshay Gawai
Akshay Gawai Muaj më parë
watching ios14.4 New features and You tube showing samsung S21 ad. 🙂
Bobby Mendoza
Bobby Mendoza Muaj më parë
The hey siri option for the max has always been working for me since I got it last month.
Max Zhelezniakov
Max Zhelezniakov Muaj më parë
Hi Aaron, I'm wondering whether you have a problem with AirPods Pro auto switching from an iPhone or an iPad to MacBook? I have my MBP 16" working on Big Sur, I can't get the sound source to auto switch to AirPods, however it does switch from Mac to iPhone but never goes back. It does connect via Bluetooth and I see a notification that the AirPods are nearby with an option to connect, but it never does it automatically. I've tried everything: AirPods reset, Mac PRAM reset, etc. Can't get it working :(
King Rome
King Rome Muaj më parë
I guess Apple forgot about the imessage screen effects. They haven’t added anything to that at all (but deleted the shooting star one). It’s such an underrated feature in imessage smh.
PUBG NOOB Muaj më parë
Still not received ios 14.4 update on iPhone 12
NAMAHORO Hassan Muaj më parë
These are craps and nothing to do with these useless updates. 1) These fake features, they would have even put them in IOS 9. 2) 90% Of people I know, threw their money buying these useless features DON'T even use them. They only call, and take pictures: Tell them to copy these pictures to their personal computers, some of them sweat! 3) They have to let all devices old and new ones use these features, all processors do the same. Even small differences in imaginable speed won't prevent EXCEL app from running, why excel for IOS 13 and no Excel for IOS 12?...One processor has high speed... Hhhhh ! They pretend to put features in new phones, saying that can't work in old ones, so that you continue throwing your money to them!
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons Muaj më parë
I’m excited for iOS 14.4 looking forward to seeing some new features and with iOS 14.4 would it be increasing better battery performance on my iPhone 8 Plus and my 2015 iPad pro 🤔👍
musicman_04 Muaj më parë
Running 14.4 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max great so far. Awesome video!💯
Michael Bernard
Michael Bernard Muaj më parë
I really want to buy an iPhone, but some of the issues I keep hearing about with this phone between updates troubles me. My major concern is the battery issues that seem to come and go more frequently that I think they should. It sounds like when it's working it's great, but when issues pop up between updates it can be rough.
Ma Sal
Ma Sal Muaj më parë
Cydia Substrate OK, tweaks installed success!
Ryan Zmuda
Ryan Zmuda Muaj më parë
What about the weather loading bug.
Bharath Shindhe
Bharath Shindhe Muaj më parë
Will the phone warranty be void if install Beta or RC build?
PnB Rock
PnB Rock 29 ditë më parë
No, that sounds retarted question smh
broth3rrr Muaj më parë
@zollotech - can you tell me if 12 pro causes eyes strain like iphone X? because my 11 pro have this problem
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca Muaj më parë
I want xbox series x controller support
iTech Everything
iTech Everything Muaj më parë
16:56 Haha, made it!
Hrithik Bachchas
Hrithik Bachchas Muaj më parë
Hey I'm currently on iOS 14.3 and i cannot see the new feature of music app where the album art has an animation. Is it a known issue?
S JH Muaj më parë
fixed Magsafe case lock screen sound? tik tik?
Sammy Muaj më parë
I’m getting frustrated with my battery health going down fast on my iPhone se 2020.
Ron Gianakopoulos
Ron Gianakopoulos Muaj më parë
When AirPods are connected the label on the top doesn’t say what’s connected
Sammy Muaj më parë
My battery health dropped to 94% in almost 6 months. I’m using the iPhone se 2020.
Mudith Muaj më parë
The anti tracking feature does not BLOCK Facebook or anyone else from tracking you. It only informs you that they are doing it.
Samindra Seal
Samindra Seal Muaj më parë
Missed call notifications not going even after viewing in 14.3
jaassil Muaj më parë
Zollo Pro Max!
Freaky Styley
Freaky Styley Muaj më parë
release date.... no idea
Hanin Mohammed
Hanin Mohammed Muaj më parë
Does anybody know where he got that wallpaper from?
Austria Shooting Channel
Austria Shooting Channel Muaj më parë
Whats about the WIFI troubles in 14.4. Are they fixed? With 14.3 Wifi problems are still there.
Mr zero Hero • 9 years ago
Mr zero Hero • 9 years ago Muaj më parë
I’ve had the “ask app not to track” option on iOS 14.2 or 3
William Willis
William Willis Muaj më parë
The day after upgrading to GM I opened the camera and it took nearly 39 seconds to actually open. This was only the first time after the install and have had no issues since.
Shou Kong
Shou Kong Muaj më parë
Does it fix the yellow screen?
Just want a simple life
Just want a simple life Muaj më parë
Anyone has the camera issue? Mine is having color issue. For example, the same recording like other 12 PM but mine looks so blur and whitewash while other looks so natural. Im trying to set the setting to default but it’s still not working. Any advice pls? 😔
Boran Li
Boran Li Muaj më parë
Hay Siri has been working with hey Siri since I got it on the launch day.
Babu s
Babu s Muaj më parë
Apple keybord sucks
Ali Ahli
Ali Ahli Muaj më parë
Hi, I am using ios 14.3 and i got the same notification you showed us with facebook tracking. However, i got it when i downloaded GPS speed app called “speedometer”. Just wanted to mention that
Diëgo Muaj më parë
In Europe, i already got the messages about tracking since iOS 14.3
Anindya Ghosh
Anindya Ghosh Muaj më parë
When Pro Raw is going to available for iPhone 11?
Hendra 834
Hendra 834 Muaj më parë
Never, it was dedicated for 12 pro series
X Plus
X Plus Muaj më parë
Does anyone have issues with darkened app icons in app library after screen time has been deactivated? It seems to be there since I have updated to iOS 14(stable).
Arsh Muaj më parë
I like how you muted “Siri” after Hey
Dr. George Davis M. Bagwasi
Dr. George Davis M. Bagwasi Muaj më parë
Just a thought... Why can’t Apple make the dial pad be able to recognize names like a short cut measure as depicted in Android phones...
Sahar Malik
Sahar Malik Muaj më parë
when will iphone 13 release
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera Muaj më parë
I’m using 14.3 on my 12 Pro Max and doing good but my SE first gen drains battery ridiculously fast.
Mark Anthony Fajardo
Mark Anthony Fajardo Muaj më parë
Cant use Picture in Picture
ChemoJuega R
ChemoJuega R Muaj më parë
Aaron, the battery is really bad for me, I used iOS 14.4 RC on iPhone 11 Pro Max...
Lee Tre
Lee Tre Muaj më parë
How do I get the wallpaper for the iPad?
Ryan Amick
Ryan Amick Muaj më parë
So I have the RC version on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ve noticed that the notification bug is back with text messages. There have been several texts that were sent to me today and I didn’t get any notification from them. Anyone else having this issue?
santiago Muaj më parë
14.3 batt life is gettin better. I get 8-9 sot on my ipx. But a bit buggy.
Yasha Muaj më parë
Where’s my 7 Gang
Abednigo Muaj më parë
i got you g😂...bad battery life as well?
Jesse Clegg
Jesse Clegg Muaj më parë
Is it worth to go on the iOS 14.4 RC? And the device I have is iPhone SE 2020.
yakiebruno Muaj më parë
Im frustrated with my green n yellow screen issue ... they refused to replace.. and im also cannot return in Malaysia. Frust. One of the worst apple purchase i made so far . 😭😭
mycosic Muaj më parë
Awesome review...thanks 💯 Interesting community poll with problems too 📱
Miguel Casillas Alcalá
Miguel Casillas Alcalá Muaj më parë
Hey Mr. Zollo, have u noticed how misplaced is the volume and screen brightness is in landscape? Is like that in my iPhone SE, my iPhone 11 and it happens in iPhone 12 too. I mean why? It looks ugly and not apple like
dizzirascal100 Muaj më parë
Great vid as usually Z, apple should hire you, your voice is as memorable as Johny Ivy’s in a different way, any ways, my problem with my iPhone 11 Pro Max is my screen dims after using certain app, I’ll try to record it for show, stay safe....
Bharath Shindhe
Bharath Shindhe Muaj më parë
My warranty won’t be void if i install Rc?
Alpuz Muaj më parë
Hopefully they fix the flicker when recording the sky next to the sun
robert porter
robert porter Muaj më parë
Been thinking about deleting Facebook anyways lol.
Shawty Duwop
Shawty Duwop Muaj më parë
Me too
Krishnanshu Vishwas
Krishnanshu Vishwas Muaj më parë
Siri responds to me even when i use Bluetooth headsets other then airpods, even when im in the other room, but works rarely
Chris Langton
Chris Langton Muaj më parë
Hello Aaron looking forward to the iOS 14.4 update, I’m currently on iOS 14.3 On my iPhone 11 Pro and the battery life is awful. However iPad 14.3 isn’t bad tbh on my iPad 10.2 inch 2020 version, keep up the good work 😊
Brian Chaytor
Brian Chaytor Muaj më parë
Thank you so much for you most interesting updated information so useful to all of us!
Brian Chaytor
Brian Chaytor Muaj më parë
Dear Erin, why is my IPhone 8 internet streaming is better and with less interruptions than that of my IPhone SE? Will 14.4 improve my SE’s 2 internet connectivity?
Kam Newton
Kam Newton Muaj më parë
That tracking feature is on the 14.4 beta 2 but I have never seen it used on Facebook. But I’d love to see it used on Facebook and all other apps lol but especially on Facebook and Facebook messenger
Agaubruder59 Muaj më parë
When I take a screenshot on my iPhone 12 Pro Max sometimes it crashes and reboot, habe anyone else this issue too?
Cameron Ereaux
Cameron Ereaux Muaj më parë
I have the iPhone XS and I have iOS 14.3 and I have ipados 14.3 on my iPad 5th gen
Philippe Darius
Philippe Darius Muaj më parë
I’m in love with this wallpaper
H4n Mil
H4n Mil Muaj më parë
Notification gets really loud sometimes when you are in the middle of an app and a new message comes in, on IPhone 11
Shawty Duwop
Shawty Duwop Muaj më parë
What color? Mines is black
Svenn Yvetsky
Svenn Yvetsky Muaj më parë
Good to hear the battery got better
armin mehrzad
armin mehrzad Muaj më parë
Excuse me , i have one question, you dont use glass gurd for your iphone LCD ?
Jackie Chun
Jackie Chun Muaj më parë
I like the video because it tells me what is coming up.
Shake&Bake848’s Channel
Shake&Bake848’s Channel Muaj më parë
I think the problem with the battery usage UI, is that it doesn’t factor charging while using, so it seems better than it actually is, at least for me, because I only have an iPhone 6S with 70% battery health
Adam R
Adam R Muaj më parë
I have seen that tracking security pop up in 14.3
Carlos Gillihan
Carlos Gillihan Muaj më parë
When is the public Release date for this update
Paਰਮ ਸਿੰGH
Paਰਮ ਸਿੰGH Muaj më parë
I have lost 1% battery health in just two months, kindly advice
Florian Friquet
Florian Friquet Muaj më parë
Same here
Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson Muaj më parë
Hey what could be the problem when switching video to landscape ? It stops and goes blank
Allan Freeman
Allan Freeman Muaj më parë
Running 14.4 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I have had several issues, iTunes and Ring apps have both frozen (reboot required to fix) and the Watch update is stuck in verifying mode, otherwise, everything else works and the battery life is great.
Filmic Essence
Filmic Essence Muaj më parë
Is the Magic Mouse 2 finally working on the iPad and iPhone on this iOS version?
sgtbonsai Muaj më parë
Tyler Beeson
Tyler Beeson Muaj më parë
Random question but I haven’t had an answer. My iPad Pro 12.9” (first gen) has never shown 4K in ALnets. Everything is up to date. Is it not compatible on my device?
Moné Veli
Moné Veli Muaj më parë
I’ve had the green/black tint issue since last summer, it seems to be a True Tone bug . It only happens when it’s turned on .
Graeme Muaj më parë
what is it like on the iPhone 6s
Carl Hughes
Carl Hughes Muaj më parë
My iPhone SE (2020) has Bluetooth connectivity issues.
Carl Hughes
Carl Hughes Muaj më parë
Your videos are very interesting and complete. Thanks
Jake Washburn
Jake Washburn Muaj më parë
Whoever has a pair of AirPods max should share the wealth because I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase those things unless you just got money don’t know what to do with
Chris Tough
Chris Tough Muaj më parë
Has the MagSafe lock sound bug been fixed? Every time you put the phone on a MagSafe charger the lock sound changes to something different on 14.3 and earlier.
Goose The Cat
Goose The Cat Muaj më parë
Am I the only one that’s phone freezes and the screen goes dark sometimes when on a call?
Shurpo Muaj më parë
I get that too
2712nokia Muaj më parë
XS Max I got the keyboard „bug“ when I switched from the beta to the gm lol ...... :(
Galterius Muaj më parë
very interesting video, thanks a lot ! still running ios 14.3 on my iphone xs (recently bought with 100% battery health, official apple battery changed in August and not used by its previous owner until the end of the year). I must say I am a bit disappointed with its battery life so far, it really depends on the day though. For instance I used 50% of battery and got : - 2h12 today (main apps snapshat 31% and instagram 31%) - 4h24 last Wednesday (main apps still being snapshat 36% and instagram 18% + youtube 9% and spotify 6%) with the same battery drain... when using 100% of battery in one day, I really can't get more than 6 hours, depending on the tasks. So, that may be normal bcs the battery is not so great on the iphone xs, but I still find it quite low and weird sometimes. From the battery page it seems like snapshat is being used quite a lot in the background, but I don't really understand why there is such a difference. standby time seems good to me, I don't really know what to expect but when I leave my phone on with airplane mode on and all apps shut down overnight, I usually lose 3 to 5% of battery life max. Other than that, I have never had any issues with it so far (maybe a few apps crashing here and there but nothing serious), and I am very happy with its performance, iphones will always amaze me for that reason ! PS: well as I am writing this comment I just checked my battery health and it dropped to 96% lol (was at 100% before), rebooting the phone to see if it's still there. yup still 96... weird weird... and scary.... maybe those few months not being used and probably not charged hurt the battery ?
Bryan Muaj më parë
Anyone using this on the iphone 8 plus? If so how is it?
ThexWITCHxMaster Muaj më parë
I think I'll just stick to my Note20 Ultra. It's interesting to me to see Apple updates tho.
Talha Yeniyol
Talha Yeniyol Muaj më parë
Leuk iPad voor iOS
David Roberts
David Roberts Muaj më parë
As always, my Go To source for IOS info. Thanks for being awesome! 🇨🇦
Furnabulax1 Muaj më parë
Havent seen the FB tracking notification. Also should be noted that i am a reliability and performance tester for their Beta iOS app thru TestFlight, so maybe that has something to do with it? Idk.
Sulaiman Ahmed
Sulaiman Ahmed Muaj më parë
Love the longer video. I don’t mind whether ur videos r long or short because I still enjoy watching them!
umar butt
umar butt Muaj më parë
ALnets share option not show ..... imovies direct youtube share option not show and aslo gallery....
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