New Macs, iPhone 13 Fingerprint Scanner, iOS 14.3.1 soon and more

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iPhone 13, New Mac Pro, iMac, 14-inch MacBook Pro, New 16-inch MacBook Pro, Foldable iPhones, iOS 14.3.1 release date, and more. In this video I go over all the latest news about upcoming Apple Products, and iOS 14.3.1 release using the M1 MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, . #iOS14 #iPhone12 #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:13 - iPhone 13
00:57 - Folding iPhones
01:53 - iPhone SE
02:19 - AirPods Pro
02:49 - iPhone 12 Cases
03:32 - Podcasts
04:12 - iOS 14.3.1 release
05:03 - iOS 14.4 Beta 3
05:32 - MacBooks
09:55 - iMac
11:00 - Apple display
11:50 - Mac Pro
12:38 - iPad Pro
13:25 - Other news
13:50 - Conclusion
14:14 - 1 extra thing
14:47 - Outro
15:07 - End
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How to Clean and Disinfect iPhone properly -
5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know
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zollotech Muaj më parë
What are you most looking forward to this year from Apple? iOS 15 and a new iMac for me. Thanks for watching, I always appreciate it.
Harrison Gray
Harrison Gray Muaj më parë
@zollotech Do you regret buying your Mac Pro seeing the power of the latest Apple Silicon Macs? Also, if you get the new Apple Silicon iMac will you keep or sell your Mac Pro? It's kinda sad that people have spent lots of money on new Macs like the Mac Pro, just for it to be outperformed by much cheaper Apple Silicon Macs in some areas, just a few months later. :/
tulisxa Muaj më parë
The new ipads and ios 15
ian Lu
ian Lu Muaj më parë
Maria Dale
Maria Dale Muaj më parë
Ios 15 for me.
m77mmdd 1
m77mmdd 1 Muaj më parë
@Dr. Cobb yes they will last 2 or 3 years if you take care of them.
Joe Pro
Joe Pro 29 ditë më parë
Back and forth would be ok. I think what you’re doing is great too. But seeing your face might be more personal or a better connection with your audience. (which would be a good thing).
Jesse Lee III
Jesse Lee III Muaj më parë
In front of the camara.
Carolyn R
Carolyn R Muaj më parë
I’m glad fingerprint is coming back on the next iPhones. I never liked face recognition lol 😂
Jamel Porter
Jamel Porter Muaj më parë
You should do both camera and drop down in the news
Spencerrr Muaj më parë
Podcasts having a subscription is a good way to get people to stop listening to podcasts really quickly
Casual2020 Muaj më parë
I'm looking forward to a Macbook Pro M1X or M2 to replace my 16" MBP from 2010 that I'm still using.
Jerome Rapira
Jerome Rapira Muaj më parë
That finger print scammers old new for most phones now
Dominic McElroy
Dominic McElroy Muaj më parë
In front of the camera Aaron but I really don’t mind 😊
Jose Espinal
Jose Espinal Muaj më parë
Be in front of the camera! Awesome channel
Heyitspeter13 Muaj më parë
I hope there isn’t going to be a MacBook Air 14 inch this year. I just ordered an m1 MacBook Air 😂😭, let me enjoy it Apple!😂
Lee EL
Lee EL Muaj më parë
Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the fingerprint scanner. I think your current presentation on this video is fine. It’s very easy to see what you are demonstrating and talking about. Thanks once again.
jmkang87 Muaj më parë
Top down
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons Muaj më parë
great video man nicely done.
Anthony Braswell
Anthony Braswell Muaj më parë
A mix of both is cool. 👍🏾
Arkhamof Gotham
Arkhamof Gotham Muaj më parë
iMovie still needs a update because it's not letting me export 4k video to youtube because the youtube icon isn't there anymore ever since 14.3?
Tim Muaj më parë
top-down feels more informative
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed Muaj më parë
Hey iOS 14.4 official came out I am upgrading to it right now
Yolo MX93
Yolo MX93 Muaj më parë
I would be glad to apple on including the Touch ID rather than make small the notch in to the next iPhone
Mohsin J
Mohsin J Muaj më parë
Hey Aaron, I like the top-down view and really appreciate when you do face view in nature-outside. My recommendation is to alternate between both in the same video. Really appreciate and enjoy your in-depth and concise videos. Keep up the great work dude!
Yardieboss Muaj më parë
I like both views. On the one hand the top down view is very cool because you’re directly seeing what you’re talking about, on the other hand it’s also nice to see the person talking. So maybe the back and fourth option would be nice to see or at least to try out. Keep going, loving your vids and reviews 👍🏻
bryan vingsoon
bryan vingsoon Muaj më parë
Hi Aaron,regarding iphone 12 pro when open camera record video,and it will flickering,is this software issue or my device issue?
Peter Muaj më parë
Combo version seems for me best
Rahul K
Rahul K Muaj më parë
I bet they are just bringing back more ports because the M1macs have had problems port issues-> just look up SSD read/write issues on M1. ie can't believe they would just do this "because people don't like dongles" which they've known for awhile now
Malcolm H
Malcolm H Muaj më parë
Love your vids!! I SO hope 14.3.1 fixes the critical bug of the notification sound massive malfunctioning! I work in medicine and I’m missing critical calls and texts and I’ll need to switch back to Android if they don’t fix this! This is a basic function I NEED to be reliable!
Ded Ede
Ded Ede Muaj më parë
Apple needs to make their podcast offerings a YTube competitor based on BitTorrent and web torrent distribution but with comments, live chats and live steam.
Noobdevil Muaj më parë
More iCloud storage 😠
Rooty2222 Muaj më parë
FaceID is stupid we just need to get rid of the notch and move towards under display camera.
Fredrik Rosengren
Fredrik Rosengren Muaj më parë
Aaron, u can do a mix of " behind the scen" and upfront, that would be nice
Thomas Regan
Thomas Regan Muaj më parë
Top down works good because we can see what you are talking about, a mix of both ok too. Great videos, very informative. Keep up the good work 👍
Ross Webster
Ross Webster Muaj më parë
back and forth is my personal preference.
WinkC Muaj më parë
Not a fan of fingerprint sensor under the screen... the way tempered glass works on Samsung where they make a circle cut out for the sensor is just 🥴 hopefully it gets better than that
1563ckg43 Muaj më parë
Back and Forth Camera Wise, in an expression scenario. From a Phone point of view, show the phone. Giving reaction, documentary, etc. Selfie point of view. After all it is your website. Sale it personally where applicable. Just saying. Great videos, keep it up.
Harrison Gray
Harrison Gray Muaj më parë
My 15" MacBook Pro 2019 is already feeling old. Final Cut Pro is frequently laggy, freezes and even sometimes crashes while doing background rendering. In fact the whole system sometimes lags such as when moving between desktops. It's kinda sad to say it's less than 2 years old and has 16GB RAM, Radeon Vega 16 GPU and 8 core i9 CPU and already feels slow. :( I can't wait to maybe upgrade to the M1 16" that comes eventually! Also regarding the end of the video, I don't mind how you layout your videos, I like that you change it up a bit now and again. Thanks for the detailed news, I love this weekly 'series' you've started :)
MAC Kellar
MAC Kellar Muaj më parë
Aaron: Per your request as a dedicated viewer who is DEPENDENT upon your for all the latest info, it IS nice to see the face and smile that goes with your authoritative and SMOOOOTH tutorials. Maybe start out greeting your viewers and alternate between you being in the videos and how you presented this one.
David Carattini
David Carattini Muaj më parë
I’d Say for sure add some face time mixing it in with they way you’ve always done it. Thanks for everything!
Nick So
Nick So Muaj më parë
would love to see your face as well Arron lol
Kevin Persaud
Kevin Persaud Muaj më parë
Back and forth would be cool !
click flick
click flick Muaj më parë
maybe the fingerprint scanner on power button might be the best easy convinent and less problamatic
Genaro Cejudo
Genaro Cejudo Muaj më parë
I prefer a mixture of topdown shots and yourself on frame
xo twod
xo twod Muaj më parë
Man that iPhone se will be FIRE imagine an iPhone se full screen with A14 Bionic in it and 2 cameras like iPhone X 😱😍
xo twod
xo twod Muaj më parë
I like them both bro , but I think you showing the screen of a phone is much important so yeah
Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc.
Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc. Muaj më parë
Top down view is good.
Cooper Crane
Cooper Crane Muaj më parë
I hope they have USB Type A on macs, for school! And the MagSafe that would be legendary! Prob never gonna see USB Type A again but I hope they will have it on the new 14 inch Mac! 😆😱
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel Muaj më parë
iOS 14.3.1 release date, If you know, don't say anything.
SIDHU BTI Muaj më parë
Totally crap touch id.. it will make faceid useless
Seth_Andretti Muaj më parë
Thanks for the upload! I enjoy both styles so the back and fourth is welcomed here!
Angry maddox Miller
Angry maddox Miller Muaj më parë
chen bayun
chen bayun Muaj më parë
To be honest, I don't enjoy you showing up on the screen especially since you are not a show girl. I'd rather focus on the product.
P-Can Muaj më parë
Under screen Touch ID but how can they differ wanting to use Touch ID and move,delete apps
유동진 Muaj më parë
when is ios 14.3.1 get out?
C C Muaj më parë
I think there is no such thing called 14.3.1 man, apple will straight to drop the 14.4 update instead
Carlos Gillihan
Carlos Gillihan Muaj më parë
I thought IOS 14.3.1 was coming out today
Rotten to the core 22
Rotten to the core 22 Muaj më parë
No iOS 14.3.1 ummm where is it
Bladerr Muaj më parë
14” MBP and I like to watch the items your talking about top down view as usual keep them coming good video
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele Muaj më parë
14:14 I don’t mind both Aaron.
John Kanoa
John Kanoa Muaj më parë
As far as on or off camera.. maybe both?
964tractorboy Muaj më parë
Happy with either presentation. I believe other ALnetsrs say that having themselves appear on-camera helps get their videos recommended by "the algorithm"; at least that's my understanding... someone please correct me if not.
robert huguenot
robert huguenot Muaj më parë
You could do both but ether way I really injoy your videos and I learn a lot about my iPad 12.9 inch and my iPhone 11 Pro Max thank you
Tyone Field
Tyone Field Muaj më parë
iOS 14.3.1 never came out like you said it was
Freaky Styley
Freaky Styley Muaj më parë
@Tyone Field no one knows, its just guessing lol
Tyone Field
Tyone Field Muaj më parë
@Freaky Styley should not be Guessing like every other ALnets or does
Freaky Styley
Freaky Styley Muaj më parë
because its just guessing
aryan sigroha
aryan sigroha Muaj më parë
top down
Wayne Steed
Wayne Steed Muaj më parë
I think adding a little more of you talking (face view) would be a good change!
Maria Dale
Maria Dale Muaj më parë
I love your videos, you are my “go to” for information. I would like to see you in the video more please. Although I only ever watch on my IPhone you always position camera so I can see screen sufficiently. It would be good to actually see your face. Also Can you do some more videos on how to use the Apple Watch 6 as well please. A real beginners guide. Thanks for all your help and information. Your videos are great 👍🏻😃.
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran Muaj më parë
Aaron, I think it should be a mix of both..u in front of the camera along with ur unique style of presentation
Bit2Tek Muaj më parë
Top down Aaron. So we can concentrate on the hardware and not on the handsome man in front of the camera. Thx Aaron. ✌🏾
devronb_ Muaj më parë
I love both! Thank you for the videos 🤝
EclipseMan1214 Muaj më parë
I think I speak for everyone that we enjoy seeing your sexy stud face in the videos
Brendon Risner-Linda
Brendon Risner-Linda Muaj më parë
Honestly, all your videos are great, and never really paid that close attention. But my suggestion would be top-down for product reviews and then in front of the camera for rumor/coming soon type videos. However, you do you. I'll still be here! :)
Noel Ang
Noel Ang Muaj më parë
I like top-down, Aaron.
Vikalp Muaj më parë
Yes be in front of the camera
Michael Torrey
Michael Torrey Muaj më parë
I hope they don’t reduce the amount of ports on the new iMacs. It’s what I hate about the new MacBooks.
Gunaa S
Gunaa S Muaj më parë
Yeah front of camera
bmsdes Muaj më parë
Top Down is fine !
Andreas Moberg
Andreas Moberg Muaj më parë
Id prefer a mixture of both but either is good :)
Graham Pope
Graham Pope Muaj më parë
I believe like most others the top position is easy to follow but good to see you switch angles time from time.
WesTern Muaj më parë
Poor wallpaper!! For the first time!!
Bruno Dias
Bruno Dias Muaj më parë
I’d rather have you in front of the camera 🎥... ☺️
Marco Ulisse Scarì
Marco Ulisse Scarì Muaj më parë
Top down videos are perfect, thanks for all you do.
Luke Muaj më parë
Re the battery cases: Apple should innovate on their own time. Personally, I’m voting with my feet and not upgrading my 11 Pro to a 12 Pro until those battery cases are available. If we get past the ‘halfway point’ in the model cycle, I won’t be buying one at all, as I may as well wait for the next gen.
Jack' s dieren
Jack' s dieren Muaj më parë
have you in the camera
barry H
barry H Muaj më parë
Yes can we have both
Gabriel Pedroza
Gabriel Pedroza Muaj më parë
In front of the camera will be nice. Thank you for your updates.
ashok battula
ashok battula Muaj më parë
Will instagram notifications work?? Will speed contatcs searching will come??
ashok battula
ashok battula Muaj më parë
@zollotech still the same answer ,,, I expect a better reply zollo ,,, this is very disappointing
zollotech Muaj më parë
Instagram notifications already work properly. If you’re having an issue with it you may need to reinstall the app
Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh Muaj më parë
Back and forth is much better, so when you show something on iPhone it is better, but when you are talking you can be in front of camera.
Junard Roa
Junard Roa Muaj më parë
Hoping to get my new iMac this year. Wanted to get one last month but will just wait until the new model.
Dr Grigorian Ph.D
Dr Grigorian Ph.D Muaj më parë
Back n forth, htrof n kcab
Shubh Jain 007
Shubh Jain 007 Muaj më parë
i'd prefer top down view
Dhruv Trivedi
Dhruv Trivedi Muaj më parë
I’d say that it’s up to you for the presentations- top-down when discussing software/software related things, and when you’re showing hardware you can do it on front of the camera
Caiphus Mokgethi
Caiphus Mokgethi Muaj më parë
For me it's more fascinating when I see products more than the person talking but it's also nice to see you every now and then. Wonderful job by the way.
Thomas Gehlhaus
Thomas Gehlhaus Muaj më parë
I really like the top down format but when talking about news/rumors it would be nice to mix it up with some Aaron on screen :)
sean landberg
sean landberg Muaj më parë
Top down for news 👍
rijsahota Muaj më parë
Hi Zolltech how can get or download batter manger widget from ? Many thanks
Thomas Karenin
Thomas Karenin Muaj më parë
When 14.3.1 arrive ? Still so many bugs on 14.3
Dulaj J
Dulaj J Muaj më parë
Would like to see you in Camara
Johan T
Johan T Muaj më parë
I'm ok with you just showing off the phone. It doesn't matter to me lol.
Nigel Poulter
Nigel Poulter Muaj më parë
Excellent presentation thank you. As far as presentation options, I think it good to have a variety of approaches.
Sulaiman Ahmed
Sulaiman Ahmed Muaj më parë
I don’t mind whether u have top down or u in front. They’re both great!
checkacola Muaj më parë
Under display finger print would suck
Aniss KAIS
Aniss KAIS Muaj më parë
It really doesn’t matter
Mahir Shahariar
Mahir Shahariar Muaj më parë
Yes be IN front of the camera
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