Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Unboxing, Setup and First Look

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is out. I unboxing the S21 Ultra 5G, set it up, and take a first look at the latest phone from Samsung. I also unbox and setup the new Galaxy Buds Pro and SmartTag for the S21 Ultra. #Samsung #s21Ultra #Android
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Start
00:21 - Price
00:32 - Storage
00:39 - Colors
00:52 - Unboxing
02:30 - Phone Overview
04:20 - Specs
06:48 - Size Comparison
07:56 - Setup
08:42 - Fingerprint sensor setup
09:36 - Software
11:41 - S-Pen
12:35 - Camera Settings
14:44 - 25w Fast Charger Unboxing
15:34 - Unboxing the Samsung SmartTag
16:17 - Smart Tag setup
16:49 - Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing
17:55 - Galaxy Buds Pro Setup
18:15 - Wireless Power Share
18:36 - Earbuds overview
20:03 - Software Update
20:22 - Conclusion
21:13 - Wallpaper
21:25 - Outro
21:45 - End
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zollotech 28 ditë më parë
What do you think of the S21 Ultra? Thanks for watching, it's always appreciated.
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang 10 ditë më parë
Iris Bustillos
Iris Bustillos 21 ditë më parë
Love this phone! Great review!😊
Kylie Morgan
Kylie Morgan 22 ditë më parë
It is really nice, i want anyone to buy it to me lol
Thee GOAT 28 ditë më parë
@Joseph Michael iphone is better if u care abt the experience
Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael 28 ditë më parë
@Aaryan Dabra I’m an iPhone guy, use to be a Samsung guy but thinking of coming back and seeing if I miss iPhone. Give it like 8 months to see and if so just sell and buy iPhone 13 PM. I have no interest in a foldable phone for myslef, but I def played with it at store and it’s super cool and see why people like it
Melanie 18 orë më parë
I wish they had more colors like they done other models. Plus I wish they offered larger capacity for the different phone colors. You can only get 512gb in the black =\ I also don’t understand the lack of a charger plus they don’t include headphones anymore. Talk about cheap 🙄 if I’m paying MORTGAGE money on a phone it needs to have at least basic stuff like this. I’m disappointed tbh
Christopher Niceley
Christopher Niceley Ditë më parë
Time to trade in my iPhone 11 Pro...
Jess Mcaleny
Jess Mcaleny 3 ditë më parë
Is this a big phone?
Shane McLaughlin
Shane McLaughlin 3 ditë më parë
It has a 6.8 inch screen and I saw this in person at Verizon and it is a little big.
fyusion 5 ditë më parë
Anyone spending this much on a phone is just contributing to more expensive stuff in the future
C Coz
C Coz 9 ditë më parë
You lost me man at minute 1.06 : did you try to cut a DEAR or a BEAR in the survival wild ? Fk you 'r review (phone) .
Shadow BH
Shadow BH 10 ditë më parë
so you can't pay with NFC using linked card?
zollotech 9 ditë më parë
Yes you can, but not the magnetic scanner that S20 or previous Samsung phones had.
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang 10 ditë më parë
Thanks For Making This Video This Helped Me
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang
Jayden Leaw Seng Ang 10 ditë më parë
Why Not Do A Video On How You Edit Your Videos
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 11 ditë më parë
PorscheGT1 12 ditë më parë
Getting mine Tuesday!
SnakeEye 12 ditë më parë
Why i did't recive my headphone on mine? They said i will get headphone too
Mario Miguelito Made It
Mario Miguelito Made It 6 ditë më parë
Contact their e-commerce department they will help you
CharlieAnime :p
CharlieAnime :p 12 ditë më parë
this phone is a monster.. some people like this like that a lot of rumors if u have money buy your own happiness if u don't have just like
Varada pai Devi Varada J Pai
Varada pai Devi Varada J Pai 13 ditë më parë
I'll get mine tomorrow 😁
DON᭄ Sᴀʀɪғ
DON᭄ Sᴀʀɪғ 14 ditë më parë
james potter
james potter 15 ditë më parë
Ugly !!!!
james potter
james potter 7 ditë më parë
Because i can
The Conquering Mi Youtub3
The Conquering Mi Youtub3 7 ditë më parë
Then why are u watching it????
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 16 ditë më parë
The things u can fo with that cam lol its like a dslr u can zoom in on people they dont even know lol
PumpkinCanoe556 17 ditë më parë
Cool unboxing
DatBoiLow4 18 ditë më parë
Just got mine today love it
Lean Mean Weeb
Lean Mean Weeb 18 ditë më parë
Can some one tell me if it comes with a pre-installed screen protector like the s10 +
Shaziauh Janjua
Shaziauh Janjua 16 ditë më parë
Yes it comes with a pre-installed plastic screen protector
Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙
Ꮪgk23 Tv. NETᏔᎾᎡK ✅🎙 19 ditë më parë
Second speaker is on top
Gardis72 19 ditë më parë
Zollo, I'd love to know if you know of any live graphic wallpapers (I guess Samsung calls them video) but the video selection does not open on Home and Lock screen, only the lock screen is the problem with them. Also, would love to see a detailed instruction on the cameras and how to use them I found your description fast and not indepth enough. Thank you. Love my phone.
Dominique Heard
Dominique Heard 19 ditë më parë
I currently have the iPhone 12 Pro Max & I’m very tempted to switch to this phone. 🔥
Tony S
Tony S 16 ditë më parë
Do it
Akkshay Sharrma
Akkshay Sharrma 20 ditë më parë
I used to have a S9+ and didn’t realize it had plastic covering on the sides for 3 whole months 😂
DragonM109R 21 ditë më parë
FYI.. you don't need adapter to transfer Data from Note or other USB-C phone as you will us the included USB-c to USB-c cable...
Bruno Bastos
Bruno Bastos 22 ditë më parë
Sohail Ashraf
Sohail Ashraf 22 ditë më parë
iPhone is light years ahead of this in terms of speed, features and customisation, even the iPhone 5 is faster than this s21.....Samsung needs to up their game because they are lagging behind Apple by years
Drew Carr
Drew Carr 22 ditë më parë
Is this better then the regular S21? Does this phone feel huge in your hand? Overall is this a good phone to get?
Joakim 24 ditë më parë
s21 ultra exonys vs snapdragon
Dragan Vreljanski
Dragan Vreljanski 24 ditë më parë
I'm sorry, maybe one question, I bought a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra and I would like to buy a pen, but at the moment I don't have a mask with a pencil anywhere in my area, and honestly, my mask is a bit ugly, it ruins my aesthetics, but they have to buy pens from Note 9, Note 20, Note 20 ultra, Note 10 and Note 10+ can I buy one of these pens and use them quite normally, since with 21 ultra there is no pen slot .. Since I don't know if these pens full and how can some advice
?? 25 ditë më parë
Fucking Samsung puts a charger in that box almost same size as the phone box but doesn't include it. And fuck people for accepting this trend. Suppose to hurt companies where it teaches them a lesson. In their pockets.
Sammy Storm
Sammy Storm 25 ditë më parë
I think you can transfer seeing as both phones use USB type c... I don't see the use if the adapter
Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen 25 ditë më parë
I pre ordered mine and didnt get anything for free. How did you get it?
George.GR_UK 25 ditë më parë
Hi mate. Very nice video. I am interested to buy this phone! has the galaxy s21 ultra 5g Dual SIM ?????
IBRAHAM Fahim 25 ditë më parë
Samsung galaxy s21 . s21 plus .unboxing
IBRAHAM Fahim 25 ditë më parë
OneLife Enjoy
OneLife Enjoy 25 ditë më parë
Finally someone intelligent does the tech reviews as there are only gypsy everywhere that can't say a word in English and have millions of subscribers... Sickening
phantoml881 21 ditë më parë
prajesh bhushan
prajesh bhushan 25 ditë më parë
I dont wanna come across as an apple lunatic , but I dont know why ANYTHING android phones do, and I repeat ANYTHING they do, doesnt impress me 🤣🤣 , and trust me I try . There's nothing which even closely compares to iPhones and iOs
Ali Nader
Ali Nader 26 ditë më parë
Iphone is better :P
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
will I be able to use my s10+ fast charging block with this? I've just pre ordered it
Alex Rogers
Alex Rogers 4 ditë më parë
Yes, it just won't be 25W, but you can use it.
Danielles Luxury Home
Danielles Luxury Home 26 ditë më parë
What an amazing video! Thanks for the tips! I have also posted a video showing my first impressions of the Samsung S21 Ultra with x100 test! - Check It out!
MrElciupacabra 26 ditë më parë
Samsung sucks!!! they removed WiFi direct ...can't find it in sharing list, but the devices do pair...don't buy
The Conquering Mi Youtub3
The Conquering Mi Youtub3 7 ditë më parë
Tf, its still there
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
shut up you pleb no they haven't it's there & it's a useless feature
LN KJV only
LN KJV only 26 ditë më parë
Turn to Jesus Christ!
LN KJV only
LN KJV only 26 ditë më parë
Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
Roxanne c.a
Roxanne c.a 26 ditë më parë
Who else is watching with a iPhone lmao 😆
bruh 6 ditë më parë
@Dr Pamela Isley Poison Ivy can't get away from no home button? or can't afford the new iphones?
Dr Pamela Isley Poison Ivy
Dr Pamela Isley Poison Ivy 10 ditë më parë
Me lol. Well mines is an 8 plus.
Professor SANAS
Professor SANAS 26 ditë më parë
Can I use a samsung 45W charger? Or will it damage the phone?
Tech Network
Tech Network 26 ditë më parë
Yes you can thats why it's called a smartphone it automatically adjust the current to what is suitable for the phone
Rafal Rocks
Rafal Rocks 26 ditë më parë
Just look at the size of the separate box for the charger.Stop using environment as excuse.Anyway,still waiting for my S21 Ultra 512Gb to arrive.
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
everything the box and packaging is made from is 100% recycled
James Van Elswijk
James Van Elswijk 27 ditë më parë
I don’t know why but I just prefer iPhone apple all the way 🍎
menar davud
menar davud 25 ditë më parë
when you dont know why, then you are using the wrong device
BEYBLADE Official 27 ditë më parë
How do you have so much iPhones and stuff
srbell67 27 ditë më parë
And no MST
Admin Admin
Admin Admin 27 ditë më parë
Why is the s20 ultra still 1400 and the s21 is 1200? Doesnt make any sense.
Tk Muns
Tk Muns 27 ditë më parë
Does it come with a pre-installed screen protector? The fact that they are differentiating the spen intergration and functionality between the S & Note Series gives me hope that tha note series may be around for another 2 iterations. As soon as they implement the spen ala note into the z fold, I'm sold.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 27 ditë më parë
Is 5G bad because there is a video of a guy claiming up a 5G tower using a radioactive suit 🤔
Esterlin Gonzaga
Esterlin Gonzaga 27 ditë më parë
Which is better s20 ultra or s21 ultra?
Note10Plus IsBoss
Note10Plus IsBoss 27 ditë më parë
Samsung should be ashamed of themselves ripping off customers with these useless offerings. No MST on Samsung Pay in the United States, No sdcard support on no S21 models, No charger, No headphones, poor 1080p displays on the S21 and S21Plus, poor unboxing experience (NOSALE) I look forward to extremely poor sales on S21 models which Samsung deserves this isn't 2015 when they did the same sdcard bullshit to the Note5 and S6EdgePlus. Poor sales means they won't fuck with the Note21Ultra or Fold3 come September.
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
that's cause ur in the USA its everywhere else 😂and the rest is false
kaan güngör
kaan güngör 27 ditë më parë
ugly,why are there so many cameras?all back is camera.if people need a camera they can buy it,but this is phone.bulshit..
The Conquering Mi Youtub3
The Conquering Mi Youtub3 7 ditë më parë
@kaan güngör ok
kaan güngör
kaan güngör 7 ditë më parë
@The Conquering Mi Youtub3 i mean i don’t like to much camera..
The Conquering Mi Youtub3
The Conquering Mi Youtub3 7 ditë më parë
@kaan güngör but s20 have much cams too
kaan güngör
kaan güngör 7 ditë më parë
@The Conquering Mi Youtub3 to much camera,ugly design.
The Conquering Mi Youtub3
The Conquering Mi Youtub3 7 ditë më parë
Whats wrong with that?
mira sultan
mira sultan 27 ditë më parë
i better go iphone to samsung
2019 Sonic
2019 Sonic 27 ditë më parë
Does it come with a screen protector under the plastic film on the screen?
zollotech 27 ditë më parë
Not on mine, but some had one
kyle mcmahon
kyle mcmahon 27 ditë më parë
received my s21 ultra today but no buds in the box even doh they where in my basket at check out i go the smart tag but no buds... i ordered direct from Samsung also what should i do ??
josh matt
josh matt 27 ditë më parë
Does yours come with a pre installed screen protector?? after you take off the first protective flim look very close to see if it comes with pre installed screen protector??
zollotech 27 ditë më parë
No, it didn’t strangely
Toki Tahmid
Toki Tahmid 28 ditë më parë
The Phantom Black S21 Ultra looks the best
milehighed5280 28 ditë më parë
Hey Aaron, isn’t doing a “Z” just like using “PASSWORD” as your password? 🤣🤣🤣
[WINR] THE WINNER 28 ditë më parë
iphone 12 pro max = stone age phone s21 ultra = modern design, 2021 phone
sotiris anonimos
sotiris anonimos 28 ditë më parë
Hi zollotech! S21 ultra is better than 12 pro max???
root9065 28 ditë më parë
Great video sir, thank you for this in-depth hands-on approach... few people actually take the time for that, so it's greatly appreciated. One thing I would be curious about, is how many steps of sound volume do you have, when adjusting music volume while using the Galaxy Buds Pro - here I'm referring how many times you have to press volume up from 0 volume (silent) to max volume. I'm still on Android 9 right now, and that defaults to 15 steps of sound volume, so I'm curious if Samsung added more volume steps on the latest Android. Thank you again for this awesome material, I've liked & subscribed!
Lee Jia Xiong
Lee Jia Xiong 28 ditë më parë
Could have easily gotten this phone due to the cameras but it isn’t running iOS😢
Lee Jia Xiong
Lee Jia Xiong 26 ditë më parë
@Ste McS haha I don’t think im a slave to iOS. It’s up to you I guess, if u think iOS is making you so restricted then go ahead with android. Like what I’ve said it’s personal preference. It’s just truth that video renders much faster on A series chips. There’s no way around it
Ste McS
Ste McS 26 ditë më parë
@Lee Jia Xiong No, you either control your device, or you're a slave to it. Don't even try and tell me that Iphone apps render better video than Android.... Enuff.
Lee Jia Xiong
Lee Jia Xiong 26 ditë më parë
@Ste McS specs aren’t everything in a phone though. Tbh iOS apps are better optimised and higher video quality especially social media apps. This is just an unbeatable fact that you gonna accept. IMO we all have different os preference. I not saying android is bad or iOS is better or what. Each has its pros and cons and there’s no perfect os nor phone
Ste McS
Ste McS 26 ditë më parë
Which means you'd actually have to know your way around a device, rather than just being a dumb 🐑.
Moose Be Canadian
Moose Be Canadian 28 ditë më parë
Aaron should I leave my iPhone and Apple Watch to go back to Samsung?
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
[WINR] THE WINNER 28 ditë më parë
Just what i did.
Wong Chong Sam
Wong Chong Sam 28 ditë më parë
Samsung is more expensive than iPhones
Genaro Cejudo
Genaro Cejudo 28 ditë më parë
At 17:15 you got a point with the charging cable type, but anyways most people that have this setup are going to be reverse wireless charging the buds pro, or at least using the same cable that came with the galaxy
Avery Mann
Avery Mann 28 ditë më parë
No tap to pay!?
zollotech 27 ditë më parë
Tap to pay yes, but not the magnetic technology o the last phones
Chief J
Chief J 28 ditë më parë
Can't make up my mind... I've got small hands and the base S21 is already not that small for me. But the S21 Ultra has that 1440 resolution god dammit
Айнур Гинятова Е
Айнур Гинятова Е 20 ditë më parë
thesulo12 28 ditë më parë
my fingerprint sensor is stuffed right out the box keeps saying keep your whole finger on the sensor and thr percentage does not go up
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
ur doing it wrong then and not properly scanning your finger print or applying enough pressure
Kasinath. VS
Kasinath. VS 28 ditë më parë
Aaron pls do the unboxing of s21
zollotech 27 ditë më parë
I don’t plan to cover that phone as Samsung did not send me one and there seems to be very little interest this year
Matt D
Matt D 28 ditë më parë
This phone almost makes me want to trade in my 12 Pro Max. I’d use this until the iPhone 12s Pro Max/13 Pro Max comes out. I’ll always be an iPhone user but just to play with this phone until September is tempting.
Ste McS
Ste McS 26 ditë më parë
This phone is leaps and bounds ahead of any current or upcoming iPhone... But go ahead and waste 1100 dollars to play with real technology before you go back to the toy.
Jreynosoxtrm 28 ditë më parë
hey aaron will you every do the review on samsung galaxy tab s7 and tab s7 plus?
Michael Gerard
Michael Gerard 28 ditë më parë
I think from an aesthetic point of view this is one of the nicer iterations that Samsung has come up with.
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons 28 ditë më parë
its funny that both the phone and the galaxy buds don't even include a charger in a box when they want you to spend more of your money just to go out and buy one.
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons 28 ditë më parë
@J Man true
J Man
J Man 28 ditë më parë
@Robert Simmons all companies copy each other that how a business make profit
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons 28 ditë më parë
@J Man I know makes you wonder if Samsung is copying Apple just saying 🤷‍♂️
J Man
J Man 28 ditë më parë
Samsung buds have never came with a charging brick, just the cable
ki koy
ki koy 28 ditë më parë
what is the difference do you always observe with the review phone and the one that is released to the public?
Ronnie Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell 28 ditë më parë
I've got the Google now on my Stylo 2
Jagged637 28 ditë më parë
Why all the free stuff for a promo for a brand new phone? Are they that hard up?
C kondy1
C kondy1 28 ditë më parë
I have 12 pro max now and am thinking of switching to GS21 Ultra. Will I regret it?
JNIEVES1989 18 ditë më parë
You won't I did the same
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
no way better specs & way better value for money
Yassin Osman
Yassin Osman 28 ditë më parë
Nope! Do it. Gave my 12 Pro Max away and got the Phantom Black. Love it so far.
Jonah Lynn
Jonah Lynn 28 ditë më parë
I thought they would just jump another 10 to S30 thank god they didn’t
J Man
J Man 28 ditë më parë
Matching the number with the year that's why
Juan 28 ditë më parë
Brashaad Taylor
Brashaad Taylor 28 ditë më parë
I’ve seen a few comments stating it will start lagging soon. That’s just completely false with modern Samsung and most modern android phones. I use a 12 pro max and this thing is acting the way the old androids used to. Apples reliably is not what it used to be. iOS is way too buggy. I never had one issue with my note 20 ultra whatsoever
Christopher Niceley
Christopher Niceley Ditë më parë
Those are just the Apple users crying like babies because Apple is behind still when it comes to innovation... 😂
Brashaad Taylor
Brashaad Taylor 4 ditë më parë
@Jerod Carpenter you act like they’re hard to get
Jerod Carpenter
Jerod Carpenter 4 ditë më parë
You ain’t got no 12 pro max, stop fronting
connor hetherington
connor hetherington 17 ditë më parë
That’s a lie Iv seen many polls to suggest the latest software works fine with no issues, my 11 pro max works fine no lag no crashes no problems and it’s used about half of its 256gb storage and I use my phone constantly everyday all day with Brilliant battery life even with 85% battery health. It may not be the same for everyone but it’s pretty consistent, and others say the same. Many android users say their phones start to lag after a few months.
Brashaad Taylor
Brashaad Taylor 19 ditë më parë
@Savvas Mamakis 😂😂😂 I got my 12 pro max back and sent back the Samsung
Cipollaccia 28 ditë më parë
Wow! The pairing graphics are STUNNING: swings, rounded box slides up from the bottom; San serif typeface; lots of white space; 3D render of pairing device slowly rotating...! Seems oddly family but I can’t seem to place it! Samsung is pathetic.
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 28 ditë më parë
👀 I look forward to future videos. Blessings on your day 👍🏻
Mitchell Goldstein
Mitchell Goldstein 28 ditë më parë
Unfortunately, the software will bog down the phone within a year :(
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
and it was apple who got sued for slowing their phones down 😂not android
Uncle bioticz
Uncle bioticz 26 ditë më parë
another iPhone sheep who believes the lies 😂you plebs never fail to amaze me
[WINR] THE WINNER 28 ditë më parë
You will bog down also getting older. Some people have brain lag.
Brashaad Taylor
Brashaad Taylor 28 ditë më parë
No not at all, unlike Apple
Rambo j
Rambo j 28 ditë më parë
samsung did what apple did with iphone 11, naming the s21 as successor yet gimping the display tech of the previous one
Rambo j
Rambo j 28 ditë më parë
samsung really shit the bed with the s21
Google High2020
Google High2020 28 ditë më parë
Can it charge with 45 wat???
Yassin Laouad
Yassin Laouad 28 ditë më parë
I would love to see a full comparison of AirPods Pro and earbuds pro
Aaron L
Aaron L 25 ditë më parë
Jagsir Maan
Jagsir Maan 28 ditë më parë
Dequail Stover
Dequail Stover 28 ditë më parë
Is this phone better then the iPhone 12 pro max?
Lily Cat
Lily Cat 28 ditë më parë
I would like to see your comparison between the Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra and IPhone 12 Pro Max, especially in regards to the display!
Ray Day
Ray Day 28 ditë më parë
I wish Samsung and others would send you a review unit. You have a ton of subscribers and yet channels with fewer subscribers get review units 😐
zollotech 28 ditë më parë
I have had review units, just not from samsung.
Johnnygga 28 ditë më parë
It’s because Aaron keeps it real.
Richard Varenas
Richard Varenas 28 ditë më parë
Aaron, if you could only use this Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 12 Max for a year, which phone would you choose?
Pramit Sen
Pramit Sen 28 ditë më parë
Gonna buy this beast very soon.
AztՅcNյghtmarՅ 28 ditë më parë
Got mine Wednesday I love it
IceFlip42 28 ditë më parë
Tmobile is offering $800 trade in value for my Pixel 4 xl....upgrade to S21 Ultra or no?
josh matt
josh matt 27 ditë më parë
XanderPics 28 ditë më parë
I mean it’s obvious to everyone Samsung didn’t include chargers to save/make money but to say it’s to do with the environment and then put it in a massive box 😆 hilarious.
Sam Greene
Sam Greene 28 ditë më parë
Love the video. So detailed
Zyion Street
Zyion Street 28 ditë më parë
Keep doing big things repent if you want spread the Gospel and read the bible
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