macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 is Out! - What's New?

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macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 released to all supported devices. macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 is a minor update to macOS Big Sur and brings updates for connecting to external docks and also brings Security updates. In this video I show you everything new in the newest version of macOS 11.2.2 Big Sur using the iMac Pro. #macOS #macOSBigSur, Apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:06 - Supported Devices
00:19 - How to install macOS Big Sur 11.2.2
00:36 - Build number
01:03 - Updates and Features
02:06 - Security Updates
02:28 - Should you install macOS Big Sur 11.2.2?
02:48 - Performance and benchmarks
04:11 - iOS 14.5 Beta 3 macOS 11.3 beta 3 release
04:43 - Conclusion
05:18 - Outro
05:38 - End
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zollotech Muaj më parë
macOS 11.2.2 is a small and unexpected update that brings an important fix with it. Did you update yet? Thanks for watching, it is always much appreciated.
HAMMY I THINK Muaj më parë
I dont see it
Suyog Karki
Suyog Karki Muaj më parë
No but will update soon since i have mbp of 2020
Ethan Hawk
Ethan Hawk Muaj më parë
Have you tested Big Sur (Intel) with Bootcamp? Or a Mac that has bootcamp and install on top with Big Sur? I am being cautious before upgrading to Big Sur with Bootcamp setup already.
Jav C
Jav C Muaj më parë
great job again with your video. I'll be updating mine shortly. about that wallpaper-do you design your own and are they available to download on your website? just wondering how it works and sorry for the "newbie" questions 🙂
Harpreet Thind
Harpreet Thind Muaj më parë
Zalo Tech I updated my MacBook Pro 2019
FearlessGamer95 4 ditë më parë
Is it possible to update my late 2012 Mac To the latest update
Mos Y&D
Mos Y&D 5 ditë më parë
Hi. I have MacBook Pro 16” 2020 intel core i9. I still using macOS Catalina 10.15.7. Because i use Adobe programs such as Pr pro, Ps ID and Ai etc. The question is that , I am not sure should I upgrade to Big Sur or not? Does all Adobe creative cloud programs will work smoothly in Big Sur?
Everything Videos
Everything Videos 16 ditë më parë
Do you have a link to that wallpaper?
brooklynpratt 28 ditë më parë
11.2.3 is out. No review?
robmlisanti Muaj më parë
I'm updating mine now and I have the CDC talking while it loads??
Khushal Khan
Khushal Khan Muaj më parë
@zollotech I am waiting for your feedback on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3.. as it has been released days ago. and I always update my MacBook Air M1 after watching your video on a concerned video.. So can you upload your feedback on macOS big sur 11.2.3?
brooklynpratt Muaj më parë
Hey there. 11.2.3 has been out for a while review?
SM ZAHID HASSAN Muaj më parë
I have 11.2.3 sur
MWGamer Muaj më parë
Today I was in online school and I plugged in my USB type C hub to use an accessory and afterwards my Mac would not charge and it is a Mid 2020 intel MacBook Pro. What should I do?
Akbar Ali
Akbar Ali Muaj më parë
@zollotech Hi Aaron. After i have updated to bigsur 11.2.2, i am facing overheating and significant battery drain on MBP 13 inch 2018 model. Is there any settings do i have to change? Thanks in advance Aaron
PAVAN KUMAR Muaj më parë
Can i get this wallpaper
Baze Muaj më parë
Still waiting for multiple display plug n play
Viswanath Kumar
Viswanath Kumar Muaj më parë
Everyone: Apple making sure your macbooks charge safe with third party charge bricks in this 11.2.2 update. Apple: We really are planning to remove chargers from the MacBooks Just like we did for iphone so we can charge extra for MacBook charges.
EFS Muaj më parë
bugs and freezing; thats new!
KXNG DAVID Muaj më parë
Big Sur 11.2.2 has caused issues with my display. The shadows behind the windows has rainbow colored rings around the applications and images.
Jeremiah Hughes
Jeremiah Hughes Muaj më parë
This update fixed my dead USB port on my 2020 MBA M1.
dudy zarius
dudy zarius Muaj më parë
Macbook Air M1 updating now
Chunkai Fu
Chunkai Fu Muaj më parë
How the cursor movement is made so smooth?
Kun Undying
Kun Undying Muaj më parë
Same question...
David Schoenoff
David Schoenoff Muaj më parë
thank you
BoogerWhisperer Muaj më parë
Waiting for 11.9.2 to upgrade to Big Sur
StayFreshBaby Muaj më parë
Square like Windows. I like it.
T Bonez
T Bonez Muaj më parë
Nice video. I downloaded your wallpaper 👍
mr yan
mr yan Muaj më parë
Unable to detect the 11.2.2 update, open the AppStore, the latest big sur shows 2 weeks ago
Max RDC Muaj më parë
Is not safe to install this update , I’m not the only one , I lost connection to my thunderbolt docking and now doesn’t recognize anything attached to the docking station, good bye two external monitores, high def microphone and external har drives. Try to reinstall OS and it says the volume cannot be downgraded!,, what a fiasco, tomorrow I have to delete the whole HD and reinstall EVERY app again. Google it and u will see I’m not alone, this update is not good
sensamea Muaj më parë
27" IMac from late 2014 with retina does not like 11.2.2 update. Long bootup. All apps now have a delay on starting. Performed first aid on disks, no errors found. Reset NVRAM, doesn't help. Unplugged all USB, no help. My IMac is now painful to use. Anyone else see these issue?
Axel Terry
Axel Terry Muaj më parë
The handsome ferryboat partly stuff because golf anteriorly practise below a kaput boundary. joyous, rare stick
Mohammed Al-Dleimy
Mohammed Al-Dleimy Muaj më parë
The bar stopped in the middle in “preparing macOs ....” why is that?
simon bolton
simon bolton Muaj më parë
macOS 11 bigsur should be banned from being installed on the 2017 macbook pro A1708, but will Apple actually have the balls to say that? nope! constant crashing, constant freezing, constant shutdowns, constant overheading, doesnt wake on opeing screen lid, no ports, poor battery life, this was my first venture into Apple laptops and will definitely be my last. Apple are absolute complete utter tosh.
geek mee
geek mee Muaj më parë
Thanks... for doing, what I don’t have time to do!
Thendup Tsering
Thendup Tsering Muaj më parë
My fans have been going off since the update to 11.2.2...for some reason, with low activity use (browsing the web, watching videos) my MacBook pro 16 2019 is now getting too hot and the fans are going this happening to anyone else?
Bright Orton
Bright Orton Muaj më parë
Nice Video
Daniel Villarroel
Daniel Villarroel Muaj më parë
Why you pointer is so smooth? It is an app or something?
David Scheindlin
David Scheindlin Muaj më parë
60 fps
David Hillford
David Hillford Muaj më parë
done the update yesterday, on my Mac mini m1 8ram. Its soooooo f***** slow!!! its like windows xp or something like that. NEED HELP!
Apple need to update the iOS regarding the excessive SSD degradation that many M1 Macs are experiencing. Some users are reporting more than 10% degradation in just a couple of months! I have ordered the M1 Macbook Air and I am very concerned.
Cyril Muaj më parë
Hey Aaron. What is that blue icon on the left side to the address bar in safari?
suraj hegde
suraj hegde Muaj më parë
These are useless updates for a normal computer user. I am using catalani on macbook pro 2012 and pretty happy with it still
Risvi Aishan
Risvi Aishan Muaj më parë
my usb dongles no longer works. apple find a way to earn more money with dongles.
Nham Nha Ly
Nham Nha Ly Muaj më parë
The massive male briefly gaze because capricorn immunocytochemically train times a vigorous coach. unnatural, oafish calculus
Geoffrey fdo
Geoffrey fdo Muaj më parë
should I need to update it in my MacBook Pro 2015 retina ????? plz reply
zakspop Muaj më parë
Does this address the M1 Mac Mini blue tooth issue?
zollotech Muaj më parë
That was addressed in an earlier release
LostMoon Muaj më parë
you talk about open csl benchmarks and blame your viewers for asking you to do it. then in the same breath saying lower benchmarks shouldn't determine whether one upgrades or not. yikes... useless.
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson Muaj më parë
My MacBook Pro on 11.2.1 makes the fan run really loud and it keep getting hot after doing no process work at all
Ashley B
Ashley B Muaj më parë
@Jade Anderson well I have the Mac book air the biggest one
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson Muaj më parë
@Ashley B do you have the 15inch or 16inch ?
Ashley B
Ashley B Muaj më parë
@Jade Anderson honestly me neither. Apple ruins their products with majority of the updates
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson Muaj më parë
@Ashley B I don’t know what to do
Ashley B
Ashley B Muaj më parë
sameeeeeee ughh its so annoying
Reihana Wetere
Reihana Wetere Muaj më parë
Hey man why when updated my MacBook Air 2020, it’s battery has been draining a lot quicker, and when I did the update before 11.2.2, it was draining too?
Some LaveenGuy
Some LaveenGuy Muaj më parë
11.2.2 ruined my external dock. During the update, my external monitor got a green tint. Now, every time my MacBook Air wakes up from sleep, the external monitor has a green tint. I have to power cycle the external monitor to get rid of the tint. The green tint doesn’t happen when switching to a dongle that wasn’t attached to the laptop during the update.
J D Muaj më parë
Apple still not fixing the imessage and facetime issues on macbook pro 16" we cant use those services since we updated to big sur
Kainthemain Muaj më parë
I have a MacBook pro 2015 and after the update I get the message on safari that the site is using too much ram. Especially on streaming sites. And than it restarts sometimes. This never happened before. Is this something other people are experiencing or just me?
luigi watson
luigi watson Muaj më parë
how you make your mouse go like that ?
j k
j k Muaj më parë
MacBook pro fan noise after upgrade to Big Sur 11.2.2
Ayan Sarkar
Ayan Sarkar Muaj më parë
Like to the wallpaper please.
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz Muaj më parë
Anyone on MacBook have the default touch bar controls (volume slider, siri, brightness) disappear when on apps like safari or spotify? For me they only appear on the home screen.
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz Muaj më parë
Actually, it doesn't appear on the home screen either.
Mohammad Salman
Mohammad Salman Muaj më parë
updating my mac I'm seeing this video on my phone 🤭
1104_ oli
1104_ oli Muaj më parë
i have got a question: is it normal that opening a safari page sometimes takes a bit of time? i just took my M1 air and opened it after 14h of standby and i went to safari and opened a new tab and it loaded 2 to 3 seconds lol. i cannot reproduce that issue...has anyone else seen this on his/her m1 mac before?
Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan Muaj më parë
"Not following the Apple Standard" - translation, Apple decided to not follow the actual standard and wants to blame others for their engineering failures.
Nabil Alghifary
Nabil Alghifary Muaj më parë
Can you share the wallpaper?
Бандіт Бандітовіч
Бандіт Бандітовіч Muaj më parë
I hope it's gonna fix problem between LG 5k2k monitor an air m1...results gonna be in 30 min :) hoping for the best
Sahan Pasindu Nirmal
Sahan Pasindu Nirmal Muaj më parë
This is also available in the apple M1 series.
Beber Silverstein Group
Beber Silverstein Group Muaj më parë
Hi. Can you tell me about that dropdown folder on your desktop that you clicked on? I haven't seen that before. Thanks.
Ammar Kalas
Ammar Kalas Muaj më parë
Should you update for a person on MacBook Pro 2017?
RocketLR Muaj më parë
Bought a dock that seemed legit.. but it fried two macbooks so far.. Now i only use satechi dongles/docks..
Razvan Tolciu
Razvan Tolciu Muaj më parë
Hi Aron! I follow you with interest😉 Do you think that those of us who bought the M1 series should wait for the M1X series?Following the rumors they said that the new cpu M1X will be much powerful. What do you think about M1 series?Worth it?
Razvan Tolciu
Razvan Tolciu Muaj më parë
no answer...... nice😏
Random Content
Random Content Muaj më parë
Lets update hackintosh
Bernz DelRey
Bernz DelRey Muaj më parë
Great tips..👍🏻👍🏻
Stephen Kirk
Stephen Kirk Muaj më parë
Great video. Anyone know if it addresses the swap issues on M1 Macs? I am going to install anyway to test and see. EDIT: Just installed. Will keep an eye on swap. It seems to have fixed some of the fuzzy text issues as well. Not perfect but much better.
Daud Khan
Daud Khan Muaj më parë
The battery life is not tht good on (bug) big sur
Jon Schmidt
Jon Schmidt Muaj më parë
So this update still doesn’t fix printer driver issues with HP 8600👎 and other printers!
Ryan Repairs
Ryan Repairs Muaj më parë
The information about MFI wasn't relevant to the Mac, the standard being referred to in this case is USB Type C
Arturo Chavez
Arturo Chavez Muaj më parë
My bluetooth stopped working after the update .. come on apple!
Chetan Joshi
Chetan Joshi Muaj më parë
A low battery charge alert is not shown on this version when the charge drops to say below 15%. Is there a way to enable that?
Lars Andersen
Lars Andersen Muaj më parë
Thanks, Aaron :-) I highly welcome this Update because my MacBook Pro 2019 with original charger got so hot during charging that I though I had Crysis running on it (while the lid was closed, that is).
MARCO NG Muaj më parë
M1 macbook pro updating....
Adeola Muaj më parë
Went back to Mojave using Internet Recovery mode. The speed / performance increase is out of this world. As though Big Sur was bottle necking my 2018 Mbp Air.
Enkhtuvshin Vaanchig
Enkhtuvshin Vaanchig Muaj më parë
Thanks again, you r the Legend :)
John Carlyle
John Carlyle Muaj më parë
It'd be nice if they fixed my bluetooth mouse that keeps stuttering under the slightest load. This mouse works perfectly on my PC. Doubt it's my mac hardware as it's got an Intel 6 core i7 and 32GB ram :-/
midd 365
midd 365 Muaj më parë
why did your cursor seem so smooth
Dinesh R R
Dinesh R R Muaj më parë
Does it fix issues 2015 MacBook Pro 15inch
Nathan Schueller
Nathan Schueller Muaj më parë
I did this. I used a Samsung 45 watt super charger and it fried the charging ports on my computer. Apple is really dumb for not allowing you to use your own chargers. The 30/96 watt chargers just aren’t that good
Nathan Schueller
Nathan Schueller Muaj më parë
Apple replaced my computer under AC+. This is very new with their newest computers and I shouldn’t be the only person, right? 🤔
Paraag Bavaria
Paraag Bavaria Muaj më parë
hello Mr Aaron,today i just updated to macos big sur 11.2.2,just like last time the AirDrop Feature is not working,when i go to the air drop section,it shows not discoverable,i change it to everyone and try to share the media that i want to airdrop to my imac,nothing shows up on the air drop menu
Sonu Malviya
Sonu Malviya Muaj më parë
Should I upgrade to MacOS Big Sur from Catalina on my intel 2020 base model MacBook Pro? I have been critical of this new update because of the issues that I have heard. Should I upgrade it?
Milen Z
Milen Z Muaj më parë
The whole new macOS 11 GUI is laggy, especially for Intel processors and spinning disks! I’ve tried this “great new” OS on my iMac 2017, and it was the worst performance for macOS, that i’ve experiencing ever! So i skipped the 11.x and stayed on Catalina. If you upgrade, be ready for slowness and latency, or make upgrade to SSD, especially those who are having spinning disks or Fusion Drives for the OS.
Milen Z
Milen Z Muaj më parë
@Adeola most probably Apple is trying to get rid of Intel as soon as possible, by pissing off the users with slowness! Otherwise, no clue why they've created such a heavy and cumbersome operating system!...
Adeola Muaj më parë
Agreed. I would even go as far as using Internet Recovery to default back to Mojave. Big Sur was dragging down my MacBook Air 2018. Obviously Big Sur was made for the new M1 Mac's.
2Evan Muaj më parë
Oh boy, this makes me nervous. Finally found a superb hub (Uni 8-in-one) for M1 MBA for wired connection on Zoom calls. Now, afraid I might experience some issues after upgrading. Please no.
Some LaveenGuy
Some LaveenGuy Muaj më parë
@Donovan Roberts screwed up something with the HDMI on my dock. Getting a green tint on my external monitor after the laptop wakes up.
Donovan Roberts
Donovan Roberts Muaj më parë
I woke up to apple bricking my dongle. Now I can't use my external monitors
Hargun Rana
Hargun Rana Muaj më parë
what app are u using to view tempertaure at menu bar
Robert Simmons
Robert Simmons Muaj më parë
great video man I'll be definitely updating it.
Tech Tales
Tech Tales Muaj më parë
Sir MacBook Air 2017 model can’t connect to Ethernet very annoying from the first release please help us to resolve this issue if there are any solutions :(
Ryan Zmuda
Ryan Zmuda Muaj më parë
Does apple have a m1 usb c hub compatibility list.
BarTech TV
BarTech TV Muaj më parë
I doubt it since even hubs Apple sell themselves on their own website have been reported as bricking M1 Macs.
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca Muaj më parë
My place for all Apple updates 🖖
abelardokham Muaj më parë
Thanks for detailed and useful information! As usual you are helpful. Great.
Acito Bandz Gaming
Acito Bandz Gaming Muaj më parë
I just bought a 2016 mbp (no Touch Bar) for 650 with the ever so smallest nick in the screen good deal or no ? Lmk
Cyril Muaj më parë
Good deal
Yu Song
Yu Song Muaj më parë
I'm waiting for an update that fixes the framerate drop when using the new notification center.
Michael Malachy D Dagami
Michael Malachy D Dagami Muaj më parë
Updated my MBA 2020 just a minute ago with 2.64gb. It took me 30mins to download and installed. So smooth and no issues at all.
mr.coader Muaj më parë
Hope apple would fix the memory swap issue as well. Currently I've only one safari tab opened (this youtube window and activity monitor lol) after just turning on my M1 MBA and I've already got 357MB of swap partition. Total memory consumption is not even crossing 5 GB.
Ziru Xiao
Ziru Xiao Muaj më parë
updated on my 16 inch MBP. 11.2.2 is much better than the original Big Sur release.
David Eckard
David Eckard Muaj më parë
I have had issues with a couple different docks on my M1 MBA.. finally got an OWC TB3 dock and it's been the least troublesome of all the ones I've tried. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but pretty close (I really wish Apple would just make their own dock!) Love the videos... especially your narration and how you always provide links to cool wallpaper in the description!
Mauricio C
Mauricio C Muaj më parë
great channel
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale Muaj më parë
👀 Uploading as I watch. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your day 👍🏻👍🏻
Zay Zay97 VIPT Tox Hubby
Zay Zay97 VIPT Tox Hubby Muaj më parë
When is iOS update
Mohd. A P
Mohd. A P Muaj më parë
I am using Kingston Nucleum hub..hopefully it will function normally after the update.
B Nav
B Nav Muaj më parë
So is it safe to update to Big Sur now?
B Nav
B Nav Muaj më parë
@Jonathan McIntosh I have a 2017 MBP
Jonathan McIntosh
Jonathan McIntosh Muaj më parë
I have been using big sur since it first released and have had no issues myself, but depends what you're using your mac for if you should upgrade or not
Simon Davis
Simon Davis Muaj më parë
Do you think there will be an update to solve the SSD issue?
CV Q Muaj më parë
Same question huhu im a little worried about my M1 MBP.😭
Miguel Aceves Mejía
Miguel Aceves Mejía Muaj më parë
Hey Aaron, I can't see the wallpaper, sorry, thanks in advance