AirPods Pro Replacement Program Experience - Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know

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AirPods Pro has a warranty replacement program if you have sound and noise cancellation issues with them. The AirPods Pro that I use have a problem with noise cancellation and transparency and so I wanted to see if Apple would cover it with their replacement program for sound issues. In this video I go over the problems covered by Apple for AirPods Pro, the process of replacing them and pair the new AirPods Pro with my iPhone 12 Pro Max to check the AirPods Pro firmware to see if it needs an update. #AirPodsPro #Apple #iOS14
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:43 - What AirPods Pro are affected?
01:18 - The issue my AirPods Pro have
01:55 - How to get AirPods Pro replaced
02:25 - Unboxing and return
05:53 - Pairing the new AirPods Pro
06:29 - AirPods Pro firmware
07:09 - Conclusion
07:55 - Outro
08:15 - End
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zollotech Muaj më parë
Have you had any issues with your AirPods? Thanks for watching!
SWF 12 ditë më parë
@BJ hernandez just the one that has the issue
BJ hernandez
BJ hernandez 12 ditë më parë
What if you only have one airpod will they give you both back or just that one
SWF 15 ditë më parë
@Transplant Helper Well my replacements arrived and they are back to their best!
Transplant Helper
Transplant Helper 17 ditë më parë
My noise cancellation just quit. They sound quieter with it off than on.
Nikolay Ivanov
Nikolay Ivanov 20 ditë më parë
I just got my replacement for both (I had crackling sound issue). They replaced it in two days. I think the new ones have better sound quality and ANC.
Damian Saini
Damian Saini 2 ditë më parë
I’m returning my AirPod pros for this issue too but they’re being sent back to maybe be repaired, if they’re not reparable they’re probably just gonna give me new ones.
M 4 ditë më parë
Where I currently live we don’t have an official Apple store so I had to go to an authorized reseller and they took it with my AirPods case and said the technician will examine them and we’ll send you a message. I just got a message today saying my AirPods was shipped to Apple and it’ll take about 15-45 days for me to get them back. I hope I get a new case too because the other one has a scratch that bothers me 😂😂 the only thing I hate is it takes a lot of time to come back. I paid a lot of money for it and now I don’t have anything till I get mine shipped back. Same thing happened with my IPad 7th generation. It had a green line across the screen. Luckily it was still under warranty and they again took my device and I got it back after 13-15 days which was good but still I was using it for meetings and notes. Still glad Apple replaced them and didn’t fuck me over 😂
Anonymous Honest User
Anonymous Honest User 8 ditë më parë
Hi, actually i didnt get a replacemnt like yours... authorised service center just handed over me directly in hand without extra eartips... without a seal packed box...plz help
AntoniqueLvlogs 11 ditë më parë
Thanks for help!!!
Random YouTube Videos
Random YouTube Videos 13 ditë më parë
Personally, it took a couple of weeks for them to acknowledge that they got the AirPods back. My card was never charged tho. However it did say delivered for for about 3 weeks on the fed ex tracker while Apple did not acknowledge the receipt of my AirPods Pro.
MadFunny Bruh
MadFunny Bruh 16 ditë më parë
So glad I came across this video, as a matter of fact I have been experiencing problems with my airpods pro's and now thanks to you my replacement is on the way.! Thank you so much!
Nautica Willis
Nautica Willis 16 ditë më parë
I ordered a replacement 2 days ago and it came in today. Before I even got he replacement, the left side (the one that wasn’t working 2 days ago) started working. And the right one, (the side that WAS working 2 days ago) stopped. So now I have 2 left working AirPod pieces and a broken right one. Any fixes? Should I try to reset before I send the left on back?
Transplant Helper
Transplant Helper 17 ditë më parë
They took my card information and placed a hold on $198 does that sound right??? They made it sound like I’d have to send my AirPods to the 1st to be checked???
Stephen Jeffries
Stephen Jeffries 20 ditë më parë
Did you have to go to the store to get them fixed? @zollotech
GameCorner 20 ditë më parë
I had horrible static noise (Unbearable) with my airpods 2gen. Apple replaced them without any issues. I live in Finland.
Houssam Ben Mansour
Houssam Ben Mansour 23 ditë më parë
Hi - I was just wondering, if they are giving you refurbished airpods - is this acceptable health wise? Because refurbished means that they have been in someone else's ears correct?
zollotech 22 ditë më parë
They aren't refurbished
9184Life 24 ditë më parë
if i replace them at the apple store, do i need the original box?
Ender 26 ditë më parë
Should I do the replacement program or wait until the next AirPods Pro come out?
xChase182x 27 ditë më parë
Got mine replaced as well! The left AirPod Pro was crackling, and the right was failing on Noise Cancellation. Thank you for the informative video! Did you happen to update your AirPods firmware yet?
Ka Ma
Ka Ma 27 ditë më parë
@zollotech so after updating your new airpods pro, do you still have ANC issues? like too loud background noises?
Sam S
Sam S 29 ditë më parë
I have this issue right now, I just rang Apple today & the guy on the phone didn’t even know he was talking about. The hold on my card is annoying too, as credit card usage isn’t so extreme like in america, a lot of us don’t bother with them, so it’s annoying I have to do against my bank account.
Mark G
Mark G Muaj më parë
Asking before I check with apple: occasionally I have squeaking and high-pitch noises when I first put them in, noise cancellation sometimes has issues with being in a quiet room and then I can hear my AirPurifier (which is like 50db) - would it be eligible for repair?
Nilesh Darji
Nilesh Darji Muaj më parë
Just thought I should let you know. I had similar cracking sound issues in August last year and Apple replaced mine for free. But the new ones I got replicated the same issue so I went through another round of free replacement. After getting the second replacement I used it for 3-4 weeks and I have the same issue again. So I contacted Apple support today and they are sending me the third replacements. I hope this time around they are good ones.
Gokul Karthick
Gokul Karthick Muaj më parë
I have replaced the both R and L in India via service centre, but still am getting cracking sound and sometimes noise cancellation / transparency mode is not working properly. Apple service centre response is very bad and apple is not replacing directly. Anyone facing same situation? After replacing still issue continues! Serial no I have verified for both R and L earlier it ends with H4 and H3 and new ones ends with 6k and 6j. If any other options available do let me to fix this issue.
QuachieMouse Muaj më parë
calling to get replaced now!
TuckerMan Muaj më parë
Awesome 👍🏻 to see that Apple 🍎 is cutting down on excessive packaging to help the environment, Lol.
MasterChef 117
MasterChef 117 Muaj më parë
I sent mine 2 months ago problem was crackling noise specially when I touch them they fixed it it's seems that the eartips causing all the issue not the aripods themselves so most of the time they are not changing the units just the eartips
Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh Muaj më parë
Just had mine replaced at the Apple store. Thanks for the information.
Erwin Tjia
Erwin Tjia Muaj më parë
Got mine replaced twice, both right and left due to crackling noise.
Anthony Chan
Anthony Chan Muaj më parë
I’ve had three replacement and they keep getting worse. it gets more staticky
Metal Jacket 8ball
Metal Jacket 8ball Muaj më parë
I gave up I lost 2 pairs ... 400dollars down the drain
Roman Kr
Roman Kr Muaj më parë
It’s ridiculous how many apple products have replacement program and people giving them “pass” for good quality products damn literally every single year there is huge manufacturing error in most of their products AirPods iPhone 11 screens , MacBook screen , MacBook keyboard yeah it’s nice getting replacement but damn work in your QC cheapskates
Matt Wiland
Matt Wiland Muaj më parë
I had both of mine replaced at the Apple store last year. I was able to make an appointment (this would not be an option today). This was before they started this replacement program. The Apple tech ran me through some quick tests and eventually we he determined them both broken and Apple gave me new ones. The experience was great and the new AirPods Pro’s are working great. Thanks for the videos.
Ermun 0524
Ermun 0524 Muaj më parë
I don’t have the noise cancellation issue but I have the static issue where if I put an AirPod in the case it statics or the sound just dies
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey Muaj më parë
Thanks Aaron. By the way, like your first name. 😀
Tim Norton
Tim Norton Muaj më parë
I called Apple about this issue and the guy i spoke to had never heard of it and asked me to send him the link! He was very negative about me having any problems and would only repeat that I should reset the AirPods to clear any problems. He would not issue replacement despite about an hour of arguing with him, his argument was that they worked so there was no problem. Not impressed!
Rudy A
Rudy A Muaj më parë
Try the chat feature where you text them fro your iPhone. I got mine replaced 2 days ago. They work great now
CyberScene Muaj më parë
How do you do that Text Box Effect?
Lana J
Lana J Muaj më parë
Omg I have the same problem with mine though I had to just deal with the static. Definitely replacing mine
Sean Emerson
Sean Emerson Muaj më parë
I sent mine back a while ago (one month ago) and they haven’t released the hold on my card and keep telling me to give it time lol...
coffee Addict
coffee Addict Muaj më parë
With this can you keep the original earcup on there or do you have to send those back?
coffee Addict
coffee Addict Muaj më parë
So weird, my airpods pro fucked up yesterday.
Charles Muaj më parë
Are you going to get the Samsung S21 Ultra?
Ricardo López
Ricardo López Muaj më parë
Not very environmentally friendly, as they say...
Justin Arnold
Justin Arnold Muaj më parë
Aaron, I have a questions... as you mentioned int he video.. the serial number line presented a '?' instead of a serial number... has this been updated following a firmware update...? Assumption the firmware has updated for you overnight...?
Jin Obhi
Jin Obhi Muaj më parë
Hi Aaron, do advise if the serial number listed on your device ever changes from ‘?’ as that seems strange.
Keith Farrar
Keith Farrar Muaj më parë
My Airpods pro used to make a squeaking digital noise when I would put them in and I noticed very weak noise canceling. I contacted apple and they asked me some questions and immediately sent me a new pair. As soon as I tried the replacement pair I noticed a night and day difference so I'm glad I had them replaced.
Roger Evans
Roger Evans Muaj më parë
3-4 hours of battery life is a joke! I have a pair of Bose NC 700 Headphones which last up to 20 hours.
Mac Man
Mac Man Muaj më parë
A box for each earphones, I thought they were trying to save the environment
Dương iPhone
Dương iPhone Muaj më parë
Hi Zollotech! Can you tell me what camera you used to record this video? Thank you for your information!
Ebraaz Khan
Ebraaz Khan Muaj më parë
Awesome service. In India it’s pathetic. They treat you like dogs. 🤬
Lav kaushik
Lav kaushik Muaj më parë
Change your service provider until Apple opens a physical store, at least Apple has more than hundreds of apple authorised service providers in India, unlike Pakistan.
Peter Rollback
Peter Rollback Muaj më parë
At the store you now have to check them in and they will run extensive diagnostic to confirm the crackling sound
Peter Rollback
Peter Rollback Muaj më parë
@Lav kaushik it’s a new procedure. And if they can verify it then they can ship it to a repair facility now
Lav kaushik
Lav kaushik Muaj më parë
I’d doubt that. How can they confirm the random crackling sound in different circumstances? Neither ANC, because it also varies from person to person. I think they run diagnose to check out the liquid or internal physical damage.
Kr00 1
Kr00 1 Muaj më parë
Had the crackling issue back in early 2020. I read on forums others having the problem, then the Rona hit. By Christmas transparency was muffled and I read about Apples testing/replacement program. Made an appointment at the Genius Bar, they took them out back to test, 10 minutes later he came back saying both failed the test and gave me two new AirPods. Thanks Apple. If you know you’re product is faulty you should make it easy to get replacements. Sad about the bad quality, happy about the response.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Muaj më parë
The company claiming to cut the charger from the box for the "enviromental" is still selling these disposable pieces of junk. Says all you need to know
Solomon Villagomez
Solomon Villagomez Muaj më parë
Contacted them yesterday after watching this. Delivery guy just came in a few minutes ago and had me open it up and put the old ones in the box so he could go right back without me having to go later. Awesome service from Yamato delivery service here in Tokyo. Everything complete in less than 30 hours.
Darren M
Darren M Muaj më parë
I just my 2 replace just got them. See you left your old earbuds in take them off keep them Apple does not want them they said to keep my used earbuds. And my new ones had Firmware 3A283
sabr Muaj më parë
No 14.3.1 ?
Sam E
Sam E Muaj më parë
Did you ever get them to update the firmware? Mine won’t.
Fredrik Rosengren
Fredrik Rosengren Muaj më parë
Aaron, why Apple ship replacement Airpods in two separate boxes is that it was orignnaly design as a spare part if somone did lose one Airpod, (right or left) as myself did :-) so it's all down to logistics, so they are pre-packed as a single spare part, here in Sweden (Europe) is that the case and it seems that it applies for the U.S aswell
Andreas Vithoulkas
Andreas Vithoulkas Muaj më parë
Had the same problem , watched the video yesterday ordered mine last night and got them today wow it was fast , they seem to be working perfectly now (the nee”w ones)my question is I noticed in the serial number on my phone under air pods it has “?” How do I fix that? Thanks again Ps mine finally updated to latest firmware and also the “?” Serial number became the old serial number
geoffinalaska Muaj më parë
I literally did this just a couple days ago. My right pod would crackle pretty bad when on Noise Cancellation and Transparency, but did not when selected Off. They sent me a replacement, and now it works just fine!
Tarek Ali
Tarek Ali Muaj më parë
I have problem with airpods max, battery drain even after i fully charged and put it back in smart case to find next day became 30% how to fix it and it there any idea if they will put on/off function to airpods max next update
Ali Rizwan
Ali Rizwan Muaj më parë
@Tarek Ali Then its water damaged. Water went inside thus voiding the warranty. Maybe try talking to them. They may take ALOT of persuading. But they'll help you.
Tarek Ali
Tarek Ali Muaj më parë
@Ali Rizwan they said out of guarantee because liquid inside it i tried to explain but they said we don’t have such problem
Ali Rizwan
Ali Rizwan Muaj më parë
Take it to the Apple store and have them check it. They may replace it
Per Linde Sørensen
Per Linde Sørensen Muaj më parë
You are doing a great job with your videos Aaron - thank you very much and keep on your great work :-)
The Iceman979
The Iceman979 Muaj më parë
I know it’s off video topic but speaking of replacement does anyone know if the boot loop issue was fixed on the 10.5 iPad pros mine has been a paper weight for months now. As far as I know if your out of warranty the only thing they can do is ask if you want a replacement at full price. I was enjoying the iPad up until it bricked on me with no solution to fix my issue and many others have reported the same thing if your out of warranty your on your own.
toohightocomply Muaj më parë
Warranty on Battery only 1 year
ki koy
ki koy Muaj më parë
Good thing i ddnt have those
ashley rego
ashley rego Muaj më parë
Thank you for this!! How much time did it take to come after you requested the replacement?
Toby Muaj më parë
I had the same issue, I got them replaced in a week. Brill customer service👍.
Dennis W
Dennis W Muaj më parë
Do they stay in your ears pretty good? I would be afraid of losing them
Cluqtmanian Hadakimle
Cluqtmanian Hadakimle Muaj më parë
Hey Aaron // Mr.Zollotech guy (hahha), I love all your videos, I already subscribed last year, and now I just hit the bell button. Hope to see more cool vids of Apple from you😍 p.s. My only question is; Why hasn't Apple called you in yet? hahha, it would be cooollll to be working or collaborating w/ Apple w/ some cool new stuff..
ΞGoDzBullΞ Muaj më parë
Yeah but I only replaced my left ones and now I’m having problems trying to connect because it’s flashing orange back and fourth......
karthik m
karthik m Muaj më parë
@zollotech did the ‘?’ change after updating?
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Muaj më parë
I feel like my ANC has gotten worse since I bought them, but I'm not sure, should I still try get them replaced?
J Ptrk
J Ptrk Muaj më parë
Took mine a few hours to update each serial number
Jerry Muaj më parë
@zollotech or anyone else. Is there a replacement programme for AirPods 1st Generation? I received a pair of AirPods as a gift, but the Airpods has lost a lot of it's sound quality over a few years. Is there a way I can replace them for free? Please help!
Lucian Palievici
Lucian Palievici Muaj më parë
Those boxes ... man! Apple really cares for the planet.
Tony Supreme
Tony Supreme Muaj më parë
I’ve just ordered my new ones! What a saviour video, my AirPod pros aren the worst but the noise cancellation sucks sometimes, certain pitched sounds get amplified and the static noise whilst on transparent or noise cancellation mode is very noticeable! Hopefully the new ones are improved!
Mike Yassin
Mike Yassin Muaj më parë
Get the recent Samsung or Huawei earbuds; they are way better than Apple ones!
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer Muaj më parë
love how they "care" about the environment by removing that charger but then waste packaging like this
Alew 10 ditë më parë
Apple is full of 💩
Nathan Poelmans
Nathan Poelmans Muaj më parë
I just ordered a replacement. Min had a static noice problem.
michael gondokusumo
michael gondokusumo Muaj më parë
How do you know production before or after oct 20 ?
iam guatato
iam guatato Muaj më parë
I don’t have AirPods Pro but the first AirPods I’ve been thinking about replacing my AirPods with AirPods Pro is it good?
Super Sonic
Super Sonic Muaj më parë
Yes man, it is worth it! I never had AirPods 1 or 2. But I have used my brothers and I’m telling you, it is a big jump! Do it!
Mind. Art. Creativity.
Mind. Art. Creativity. Muaj më parë
I have the exact same problem with transparency not mode working on the right ear and bad noise cancelling. So good to know that I can get replacements for these expensive earbuds! Thanks so much for the video and information!
2Evan Muaj më parë
Excellent this. LOVE my APP - even though I can’t pass the Tip Test w/o pressing them in a bit. Sublime for videoconferencing. Fingers crossed no issues down the road (6 months in now). Great experience also of returning a product to Apple. Very easy. In fact, simpler than dealing with a brick-and-mortar Apple store. (Very happy with trade-in value too - when we got our M1 MBA).
Desmond lim
Desmond lim Muaj më parë
I also replaced mine few weeks ago!
Terence Tan
Terence Tan Muaj më parë
Would just like to share that earlier in the week, I forgot that I had my AirPods Pro in my pocket when I decided to go into the sauna and a dip in the pool. After about a couple of minutes I had a panic attack when I realized what was in my pocket. I quickly got out, took them out of the case and towel dried them. Followed by my wife’s hair dryer. Left them alone for the rest of the day. Next day they worked fine! 😅😅
Solomon Villagomez
Solomon Villagomez Muaj më parë
I was experiencing crackling during workouts, and my solution was to listen to music from my iPad and then run the workout from my iPhone. Worked well but it sucked that I had to resort to that. Contacted Apple after watching this video and the replacements are on their way. The chat took about 80 minutes for anyone wondering how much time it might take.
LLlMIT Muaj më parë
I got my earbuds replaced and I'm still having issues with the audio cutting out. To fix it, I need to switch the transparency mode off then on. I'm just afraid it's not going to work regardless of how many times the buds get replaced.
jeff 2tc
jeff 2tc Muaj më parë
Hey - why not show us they work? Check noise cancelling?
Barby Muaj më parë
I’ve never had these problems with the the old EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug. They still work like a charm.
Mind. Art. Creativity.
Mind. Art. Creativity. Muaj më parë
Your old earpods don‘t even have any tech inside in the least comparable to the airpods loooool
Ken S
Ken S Muaj më parë
How do you even tell when your AirPods were manufactured?
Alex Lacey
Alex Lacey Muaj më parë
I've literally just gone through this process today, too. Apple sent me L and R AirPods Pro replacements due to transparency issues. Trying to update the firmware from 2D27 to 3A283 didn't work for me at all. If anyone else is having firmware update issues the usual way (AirPods/case charging and leaving your phone with wifi on nearby for a while), then try listening to music for ten or fifteen minutes or so before trying this process again.
MatrixRoland Muaj më parë
Bummer, I didn’t know there were the other two cups inside my boxes. I have the boxes back to Best Buy when I picked my replacements up.
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel Muaj më parë
iOS 14.3.1 release date, If you know, don't say anything.
dvxAznxvb Muaj më parë
Got mine replaced now both won’t sync to the case The fuk?! They don’t even want to replace these
kenoin7 Muaj më parë
Look closely to the grills they have changed
Chic B
Chic B Muaj më parë
Thank you thank you thank you Aaron!
RJ Mendoza
RJ Mendoza Muaj më parë
How do you know when they are manufactured
Angelo Hernandez
Angelo Hernandez Muaj më parë
Mine was replaced last December and now I am going back to the store because the issue noise cancelling still the same. I can hear the surroundings
Venomskys Gaming
Venomskys Gaming Muaj më parë
That’s bad!!!
Tech4now Muaj më parë
Has to stay in the case and on charge for 20 min before setting up
Vinit Mittal
Vinit Mittal Muaj më parë
maclover Muaj më parë
Bought them day 1. Thought they were covered out of warranty. Nope. Charged $180. Out of warranty under a month.
Ali Vape Reviews
Ali Vape Reviews Muaj më parë
my airpods 2ed gen it cuts in and out bought them 3 months ago and get static
V.M. Yeshwanth
V.M. Yeshwanth Muaj më parë
I also had the same problem. My right AirPod was making crackling noise whenever used with transparency or ANC. I went to authorised apple store and got it replaced within a week or two. Haven’t had any such issues with the new one.
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