iOS 14.4 Beta 2 - More New Features and A Few Days Later

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iOS 14.4 Beta 2 released to developers and public beta testers a few days ago. iOS 14.4 Beta 2 brings a few new changes, but there are more new features that have been found since the release of iOS 14.4. In this video I go over new features of iOS 14.4 Beta 2, and also go over the performance, existing bugs and issues and help you decide if you should install iOS 14.4 Beta 2. In this video I am using iPhone 11, iPad Pro 12.9, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:28 - New features
03:24 - Performance
03:38 - Follow Up issues
04:24 - iPadOS 14.4 Beta 2
04:47 - Bugs and issues
08:53 - Battery life
11:19 - iOS 14.4 Beta 3 release
11:53 - iOS 14.3.1 or upcoming public release
13:03 - Community poll and comments
15:47 - Should you install iOS 14.4 Beta 2?
16:48 - Outro
17:08 - End
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zollotech Muaj më parë
Which version iOS and what iPhone are you using. Thanks again for watching, it's much appreciated.
Flying Red Tail Hawk
Flying Red Tail Hawk 28 ditë më parë
I am using the new update and a IOS 7
Artemis Shelion
Artemis Shelion Muaj më parë
Using 12 pro max, running iOS 14.4b2.
Peter Muaj më parë
14.3 on 8Plus and 14.3 on iPad Pro 2018 and the new IPhone Se. Have a lot of CarPlay issues with disconnecting while playing music, podcast etc. Maybe make a separate CarPlay video?
Dr. Cobb
Dr. Cobb Muaj më parë
iPhone XR iOS 14.3
Paulo Muñoz Artavia
Paulo Muñoz Artavia Muaj më parë
iOS 14.3 on iPhone 8 and iPadOS 14.3 on iPad 8
Flying Red Tail Hawk
Flying Red Tail Hawk 28 ditë më parë
Nice video. Your channel is full of great info. How can you determine if you are a beta tester, app tester or neither?
Harry Jones
Harry Jones Muaj më parë
What wallpaper is it?
Vlad Torcatoriu
Vlad Torcatoriu Muaj më parë
Nothing on the oled issue????
Brandon Tyler
Brandon Tyler Muaj më parë
HomePod mini doesn’t do the handoff feature on my iPhone 12 Pro. Handoff is enabled. Made a ticket with Apple and they just said to wait for an update
Robert Ortiz
Robert Ortiz Muaj më parë
Does the audio loudness protection still locked on??? On my XS Max I had beta and there was no way of turning it off and that was annoying when wanting to jam out loud it would kill the mood. I am now on a 12 pro max and overall love the betas except for this audio issue.
Mohammad Hosseini
Mohammad Hosseini Muaj më parë
How does it on iPhone XR ??? Is it better than the iOS 14.3???
Dennis W
Dennis W Muaj më parë
14.3 SUCKS for battery life on my iPad. I will be glad when they release something to the public to fix it.
GC Plugs
GC Plugs Muaj më parë
Does this fix this issue with the AirPods Pro always disconnecting or Bluetooth turning off?
lud4ka Muaj më parë
im with iphone 7 and why i dont have update to 14,4 my version is 14,3
Kari Melby
Kari Melby Muaj më parë
When will we see the stable verson ?
Diamond HD
Diamond HD Muaj më parë
It’s not major so I don’t really care that much about 14.4
sanjeev ranjan
sanjeev ranjan Muaj më parë
Thank u for the wallpaper 😊
Jamie Muaj më parë
I don’t like the warm colour like you suggested I’ve gone to the iPhone 11 from a 12 pro and mini and my screen on the 11 IMO feels better
E Mman
E Mman Muaj më parë
Hello guys am in Nairobi Kenya. Can someone gift me this iPad 12.2. I really love it and it's still not here
Nouman Rafiq
Nouman Rafiq Muaj më parë
Hello there Aaron, where is the iPhone 7. Because im an iPhone 7 user. Kindly show the bugs and issues also in iPhone 7.
Elias Najjar
Elias Najjar Muaj më parë
hey zollotech, i downloaded geekbench 5 on my iPhone 12 mini, and the performance of the multiscore isn't stable , the first time I get 3990,3980,4000 and then 3232 which like is such a big difference so is there something wrong with phone or ios 14.4
Kuldeep Singh Negi
Kuldeep Singh Negi Muaj më parë
my dream is to get iPhone latest model after 4 years hope so this is fullfilled by doing hard and smartwork.
kchitown 1977
kchitown 1977 Muaj më parë
Represent NC Elon NC here
Karen Streater
Karen Streater Muaj më parë
I will not be tracked.
Desyree Vaughn
Desyree Vaughn Muaj më parë
Running iOS 14.3 on the iPhone 12 just had the sluggish thing and had to reboot for the phone to work properly
Kartik Peddinti
Kartik Peddinti Muaj më parë
iOS 11 is repeating history in the name of 14.
Amit Raj
Amit Raj Muaj më parë
@zollotech..any change to the idle battery drain? There's a huge discussion thread on Apple forum.
Atreya MJ
Atreya MJ Muaj më parë
What is the wallpaper link. It’s awesome
SmooVe Muaj më parë
I don’t think I have the problems that you guys have ! I don’t see no issue with green or yellow tint , I went to a black room and app with dark mode and nothing ??! Or lag or anything to be honest I’m confused
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson Muaj më parë
What about the sound, when you turning of the phone? In my 12 iphone when i turn off the phone the sound is every time different, i can fix it when i call siri, then the sound sounds normal. Had apple fix this problem ?
zeal gor
zeal gor Muaj më parë
Iam facing camera issue in iPhone 12 it’s crashing when pressing the shutter button
maisha cherry
maisha cherry Muaj më parë
Hope it fixed my Bluetooth issue
Blue Carbon
Blue Carbon Muaj më parë
You should get a dark desk.
Ethan Green
Ethan Green Muaj më parë
Having really bad problems with AirPods Pro on beta 2 , with iPhone 12 Pro Max
Nasser DIY qtr DNY
Nasser DIY qtr DNY Muaj më parë
When Apple released I iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 and TV OS 14.4 and macOS 14.4
Tomáš Kolodzej
Tomáš Kolodzej Muaj më parë
Hi, I’m not able to hear video which has been shared via screen share. My student can’t hear it as well. I teach guitar and I need to screen share my tutorial videos. Can you please help me? I can’t share device audio. I’m using iPad Pro I teach on Zoom and Skype
Jaden D Mckenzie
Jaden D Mckenzie Muaj më parë
Is it on the iPhone XR
danny aguilar
danny aguilar Muaj më parë
I haven’t got it yet
John a Haynes
John a Haynes Muaj më parë
With a new program to iPhone X is a good
Hailey DeCaire
Hailey DeCaire Muaj më parë
My 12 pro max is coming tomorrow. Your channel is the first I go to before buying any apple product
Deklan Hodder
Deklan Hodder Muaj më parë
I just had a really bad bug with my iPad Pro 2018 model 11inch I was deleting some apps because I needed more storage then i did a hard reset to clear the ram After that i went to ALnets to watch some videos as I normally do but it said no network connection so I thought it was because i did a hard reset and had to turn it back on but no. I went into settings and the wifi network section was grayed out it was like the ipad had no wifi network capabilities anymore so i thought my ipad was gone. At this point i go to my phone to see what i can do so i find a video telling me to do a network reset so i go to settings general>reset reset network settings after it did a reset and turned back on i go to settings and it was still greyed out so at this point i thought apple bricked my ipad. But I decided to keep looking how to fix it so I decided to reset network settings again but it took me 17 try’s then it showed back up. This is a serious issue bc i dont own a Mac and if I couldn’t fixed it i would have not been able to update a patch update because it had no wifi. Zollotech can you pls comment and tell me if you know of this issue
Cloe Right
Cloe Right Muaj më parë
@Deklan Hodder just meet him on instagram he will help you fix your issues
Deklan Hodder
Deklan Hodder Muaj më parë
@Cloe Right tysm
Cloe Right
Cloe Right Muaj më parë
Meet him on instagram he can help you fix your issues okay
Darnelldennis01 Muaj më parë
I experienced my microphone not registering my voice but still being on and being able to record taps and bangs
Man-Bag Dammit
Man-Bag Dammit Muaj më parë
Great and thorough video as usual Aaron. Thanks for the cool red wallpaper. I like this one.
Sonny Aina
Sonny Aina Muaj më parë
Beta 1 was a killer on my phone, it chinked my battery health. The stutter was horrendous. Beta 2 has so far worked like a beauty! Even though beta 1 screwed my battery health, beta 2 has majorly increased my battery life. Very impressed honestly.
Sonny Aina
Sonny Aina Muaj më parë
Although, I myself am having the same issue with safari web pages loading ridiculously slow.
Cgn En
Cgn En Muaj më parë
What improvements in camera Im 12 pro max 60 4 k. Video flickering!!
Meme Man
Meme Man Muaj më parë
Wonder why Exposure Notifications don't work with EHTERAZ here in Qatar...
Vne Podozreniya
Vne Podozreniya Muaj më parë
What about connect with dualsense?
RAJohnson713 Muaj më parë
Issues with my 12 Pro 1. Green tint 2. Stock app glitches a lot 3. Slow web page loading 4. Keyboard lag in messages
Clayton Olden
Clayton Olden Muaj më parë
I’ve noticed a green tint when I’m in settings when I go to check for software update if I’m using dark mode in a completely dark environment it’s not super bad but I can notice it
Youssef John
Youssef John Muaj më parë
i have a problem but i dont know if that aproblem with iphone or with my car or my ios verison bec when i conect to my car by blutth my car makes like it have a lagging and i dont know what to do and my phone is 12 pro max and my ios version is 14.4beta 2 and i wana know is that problem is from my iphone or from my car or what so plz help me and tell me what to do
Ted Semper
Ted Semper Muaj më parë
Can’t permanently delete apps.... geez Aaron !
Wil Tindugan
Wil Tindugan Muaj më parë
i have the beta installed on my 7 plus the only bug is the stutter. Hey Aaron I always use your wallpapers
Solitaire Muaj më parë
Does PokeMon Go work on this beta version?
Obito Muaj më parë
When will the stable version come out
Paulo Muñoz Artavia
Paulo Muñoz Artavia Muaj më parë
In my country we don’t have exposure apps because a lot of people said “The government is trying to track us” and “Carlos Alvarado (current president) wants to control our minds”. No joke like 60-70% of the country population said that
Md. Fahim Alam
Md. Fahim Alam Muaj më parë
I haven’t seen the stutter issue after the update. it fixed for me I guess.
Max LaSalle
Max LaSalle Muaj më parë
A suggestion for your video description, if you could bring the wallpaper links up higher, before all the other video links, that would be awesome!!
Brian Muaj më parë
I’m still on iOS 13.7 😂 not upgrading anytime soon
Sammy Fuentes
Sammy Fuentes Muaj më parë
Why don’t you make a video of the MacBook Air ore any MacBook that bean having problems that wen you turn it on it pops a massage saying that you the disck Macintosh hd-data can’t be unlocked . A problem was detected with the disck . It happens to me I call Apple and they said that I was the only one with that problem and that’s a lie cuz I seen a few people with the same problem.
Harie Elkiess
Harie Elkiess Muaj më parë
My problem is with Bluetooth is one if you watch a movie with air pro have a big lag about 1 sec and if I got watch connect and Bluetooth AirPods Pro the video will not play and crash the phone
Ron Wolfe
Ron Wolfe Muaj më parë
I don’t think the battery health part of the software is very accurate. I had an 8 plus and when I traded it in after 2 years the battery health was 96% after a year of the 11 mines 92% now. I don’t know if it’s cause I have a Apple Watch connected to it. I know it started going down after I got the watch.
Malcolm H
Malcolm H Muaj më parë
I REALLY want the ringer volume major bug to be fixed.. it’s driving me crazy!!
Stig Muaj më parë
do more tests on iphone xr pls
Ye Old Geezer
Ye Old Geezer Muaj më parë
I really wish they would fix the UI of the Apple Music app! Currently the options to “Love” and “Add to library” and even “Share” are hidden! It would be better if they updated it to be more Spotify-esque where those options are front and center!
eugene smith
eugene smith Muaj më parë
They need to put the ringer and media volume on two different settings
Jalen. H
Jalen. H Muaj më parë
One of my favorite ALnetsrs 🔥🔥🔥
Shawty Duwop
Shawty Duwop Muaj më parë
I download it and no issue so far
siblis20 Muaj më parë
Does it help with the battery issues??
Bradley Higson
Bradley Higson Muaj më parë
Stay strong green tint people, and massive thanks to Aaron for keeping it in the light and giving the community a voice! However my concerns are growing about it being a hardware issue with you saying they’ve started replacing phones again.... I’ll give it till 14.4.
Hood Genius
Hood Genius Muaj më parë
I had a bud where my phone kept continuously vibrating non stop, no matter what I did, open and close apps, play music or videos, clear notifications it would not stop until I rebooted my phone.🤦🏾‍♂️
First Last
First Last Muaj më parë
any updates on the wireless charging bug???? it pisses me right off when I wake up in the morning and notice my phone didn't charge because of the d*mn bug.
KGK Muaj më parë
Please guys if you see this help me. I have an iphone Xr and the photos from the rear camera look absolutely trash. When im in the gallery app the photos are blurred and low quality compared to what my previous phone photos looked like (xiaomi redmi note 7) . As soon as i zoom in and then zoom out the blur goes away but they are still low quality. I tried everything even completely restoring it via iTunes but nothing helped. Also i checked all my icloud and camera settings and everything is normal. The photos i take from apps like instagram and facebook messenger are fine. The problem is with the default camera app. One last thing, my front camera does not have this issue. Thanks in advance.
sowin2u Muaj më parë
That stuttering issue isn’t MINOR to me at all. I don’t like that AT ALL. That is what my iPhone 6 does but that phone is more then 5 years old. The phone is much slower and I can deal with that, but no matter how old the phone is, running slower is all ok but stuttering is TOTALLY unexceptionable. Especially on my new phone. That stuttering needs to be fixed PERIOD. I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t addressed that yet. Fix it Apple!!!
ezzedden Alulaime
ezzedden Alulaime Muaj më parë
Thank you for this video, but when the iOS 14.4 is coming out for all iphone ?
Meh Mmmmkay
Meh Mmmmkay Muaj më parë
Does anyone know where's iOS 14.3.1???????????
Fresh141 !
Fresh141 ! Muaj më parë
I have a problem rn my 12 pro max when I charge it the % goes down not up it’s literally stuck at 2% plz help
Tech R
Tech R Muaj më parë
Love these videos. You have certainly replaced everything apple pro when it comes to these reviews. Keep doing them
JrP Muaj më parë
Hey Zollotech, I switched from Andriod to iOS, Your videos are amazing and helpful!! You are the only tech youtuber I trust when it comes about iOS. You update your viewers everytime. you're also Specific. I got iPhone 11 red on christmas, you know that you share your wallpapers and today, I've been looking for red wallpaper, and your wallpaper in this video is red, so that's amazing.
Daniel Schmaderer
Daniel Schmaderer Muaj më parë
So keyboard lag was reported by some people. I did notice keyboard lag a lot when I had my iPhone 7. Since I got the 12 pro on day one, that issue hasn’t come up. It’s been smooth.
Danovan Muaj më parë
My ALnets video is so small on 12 pro like half of iPhone 11
Mark Emil
Mark Emil Muaj më parë
Can someone plz explain how not being about to display whites accurately makes colors more accurate?
zollotech Muaj më parë
If you have a colorimeter the iPhone 12 Pro measures more accurately than the other iPhones.
Billy Bobertjoe
Billy Bobertjoe Muaj më parë
My iPhone 11 freezes on Minecraft when I use an Xbox one Bluetooth controller
Billy Bobertjoe
Billy Bobertjoe Muaj më parë
Billy Bobertjoe
Billy Bobertjoe Muaj më parë
I’m using the most recent developer iOS 14.4 beta
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale Muaj më parë
👀 I always enjoy keeping updated. Blessings on your day.
Elliotlusty Muaj më parë
Great video and keep up the good work 👍
Mad Midnight
Mad Midnight Muaj më parë
I don't really mind the slight yellow screen but green tint definately needs to be adressed. Photos taken with pro max has very weird green hue to them. Minor temperature adjustment fixes that and I think a white balance update for the screen may correct it. Also having some camera focusing issues especially when using 2.5x magnification. Thanks Zollo !
Christian Annel
Christian Annel Muaj më parë
That’s a sick wallpaper.
Nikola Jelić
Nikola Jelić Muaj më parë
Can some one help me please, whitch phone is better: iPhone 11 or Samsung S20 (exynos) ?
ALOK MAFIA 28 ditë më parë
@Nikola Jelić I would sugest u go for s21 or iPhone 12 because really good I suggest s21
Nikola Jelić
Nikola Jelić Muaj më parë
@ALOK MAFIA ty sir. I heard about the battery drain on s20, but there people who say that the battery is good, so that is the reason i ask here for opinion.
ALOK MAFIA Muaj më parë
Iphone 11 is better if you're getting the s20 exynos. The exynos chip for s20 will overheat and battery life is pretty bad even 60 hz. Iphone 11 will last longer and it's honestly just better overall.
Syed Ahmed Ali
Syed Ahmed Ali Muaj më parë
Good Apple You
LouisTech Muaj më parë
Gosh iOS 14 has bugs safari stutters for me and I believe that the display issue is a hardware issue. I have a 12 pro max and it doesn’t flicker .
Manav Chordia
Manav Chordia Muaj më parë
Green tint issue Still Here! Apple tells me that they are aware about it And recommend me waiting on a software update...
Hani idris
Hani idris Muaj më parë
Bluetooth disconnecting issues when receiving calls and heating issues too 🥲 annoying for 1st time iPhone user ....
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes Muaj më parë
It is a beta though so it should be fixed before launch.
Tsukino F
Tsukino F Muaj më parë
Which phone are you using?
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Muaj më parë
Some of my apps when open don’t fill the entire screen iPad Air 4.
Jay Tern
Jay Tern Muaj më parë
Chobe Dap
Chobe Dap Muaj më parë
Why i can’t update my iPhone 12 Pro Max?
Chobe Dap
Chobe Dap Muaj më parë
@Nicky thanks for the info 👍👍👍
Nicky Muaj më parë
Because this is a Beta. You can’t install it unless you’re a iOS Developer or a Public Beta tester. 14.4 will be available to everyone in the next few months. iOS 14.3 is the public version for every iOS 14 supported iPhone at the time of typing this comment.
Black Baron
Black Baron Muaj më parë
☠️BLACK BARON☠️ I removed Paypal in payment preferences in my icloud account. I go back. The entry is still showing “Paypal”. I threw settings out on iOS and restarted settings for the entry to “refresh” properly. Is this fixed because thar’s really ugly software coding in 14.3. 💔capitalism and 💪 code
P G Muaj më parë
My iPhone 12 battery would last forever before I updated to IOS14.3 but now it goes down so much faster
ALOK MAFIA Muaj më parë
Arman Talwar
Arman Talwar Muaj më parë
Man the series X controller still doesn't work :/ Just tried it with mine. The update has been pending for a long time now. It even says on the Microsoft site that they are working together to make it work. Makes no sense for the PS5/ XSX controller to not work on the iPad. While I can connect it via BT, games just don't recognise the controller.
xamdan muse
xamdan muse Muaj më parë
plz focus the battery
Capture_The_Moment Muaj më parë
hi Aaron, do you have the wallpaper in your video also for the macbook? thanks
Angel Clifford1234
Angel Clifford1234 Muaj më parë
When do we get this
Tony A
Tony A Muaj më parë
Hopefully this update fixes the text message notification for real this time because I’m Still having that problems my iPhone 11
John Barresi
John Barresi Muaj më parë
Freezes lags lot with apps like Facebook
zheil9152 Muaj më parë
Wish you could bring some bugs to light so Apple can see they didn’t finish things they shipped in 14.3
Gaming Gang
Gaming Gang Muaj më parë
Hey Aaron I am using IOS 14.2 on my IPhone 8 and I have a question in your videos do you think you can use a iPhone 8 Sens i have one i wold like to see how the new updates are on iPhone 8 if you don’t mind and I hope you have a grate day
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