iOS 14.4.2 is Out! - What's New?
Alexander Kimber
Alexander Kimber 5 orë më parë
Beta 6 to Beta 8: 5.2gb
Muhammad Niyas perumbum kattil
Muhammad Niyas perumbum kattil 5 orë më parë
Can I install on my iphone6?
PAVAN KUMAR 6 orë më parë
Give to me some suggestion
PAVAN KUMAR 6 orë më parë
14.4.2 update is some issues in Ipohone XR Network setting uninstall continually it’s very distrubbing
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman 6 orë më parë
Where I can use the same wallpaper, that’s matching.....
Erric Martin
Erric Martin 7 orë më parë
*I can’t imagine life without Guurusfix on lG. He’s expert*
Co Tech
Co Tech 8 orë më parë
bro i been havign the flashing apple logo when restarting my phone, even on me other other one when iu upgraded to the max. glad i aint the only one
Giroutte 8 orë më parë
Has the Apple logo blinking issue when you start the device been fixed in this update ?
Ghada El Eraqi
Ghada El Eraqi 8 orë më parë
Cool airpods
Adrian Xavier Hwong
Adrian Xavier Hwong 8 orë më parë
hope ios14.5 could solve the problem of flashing apple logo when 12 pro max powering on
Fanatic •
Fanatic • 9 orë më parë
My phone dosent have iTunes thing in the settings ?
Rio Davison
Rio Davison 9 orë më parë
Abiseka Rangga Pradipa
Abiseka Rangga Pradipa 9 orë më parë
Thank you i finnaly have dream number!
DeAndre' Holder
DeAndre' Holder 9 orë më parë
Where’d you get the wallpaper from? . I like it 👌🏽
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 9 orë më parë
Does it matter what type of Alcohol?
David Plummer
David Plummer 9 orë më parë
I have. Apple 7
X1 ACULITE 9 orë më parë
Who else came for the wallpaper 🌝❤️
Tebogo Mankge
Tebogo Mankge 9 orë më parë
Can you please help on the issue of true caller, doesn't work. Call block and identification disappear on the settings.
Susan Pratt
Susan Pratt 9 orë më parë
I am looking forward to the I-Pad Pro and hopefully the I-Mac and Mac Book Pros.
Chandu Crush
Chandu Crush 9 orë më parë
iPhone se 2020 white colour
Deadpool 9 orë më parë
Google stop sending phones to this guy. This is one big Apple fanboy. He does unboxing and review in the same video and gives his views on battery life even without using the phone for a day. Everybody knows Pixel phones have great camare, yet this guy calls it decent ?! Serious Apple fanboy detected.
Bg Dk
Bg Dk 9 orë më parë
Green tint has been a constant issue. I notice it only when in reader mode and in the dark, hopefully this fixes it 🤬
jamar buggs
jamar buggs 10 orë më parë
Just got my iphone pro max gold
JAKKULA SURENDAR 10 orë më parë
Thank you
JAKKULA SURENDAR 10 orë më parë
Thankyou so much
Andre Finklea
Andre Finklea 11 orë më parë
Just bought the se 40mm great watch love it!
KILLAKINGD0M 11 orë më parë
These videos. Day of Event, “We have 1 new color that will make you feel super pro!! Space Mint Green Ultra Max Pro Plus!! Let me hand it over to Craig so he can tell you more about it!!”
Cody O'Donnell
Cody O'Donnell 11 orë më parë
I thought I knew everything about the iPad until I saw this
J P 12 orë më parë
The battery recalibration finally finished on my iPhone 11...It's crazy starting with ios 14.5 beta 5 my battery was at 99% health, then with beta 6 it went to 95%. It was then recalibrating with beta 7 and now beta 8 and it went to 92%. I connected it to my MacBook and checked it with coconut battery and it says my life is at 94.5%......I don't know what ios and coconut battery use to determine the battery life left but I'm starting to think it's just a guess.
Ron Baughman
Ron Baughman 12 orë më parë
My iPhone 11 is going strong.... I bought the Apple Smart Battery case and NEVER run out of battery - even when I’m using my iPad Pro with the 11 as a hotspot.... This is an awesome combination IMHO for mobile use.
Trechon Patterson
Trechon Patterson 12 orë më parë
The iphones 📱😁😁😁😁
Sen Suparman
Sen Suparman 12 orë më parë
I think Apple needs to spend more time on the hardware, haven't seen any foldable phone so far. People are getting older and need bigger screen..foldable 10 inch if possible. Thanks
Julu Gabriel N. Panabang
Julu Gabriel N. Panabang 13 orë më parë
I have 6s Plus and I upgraded to SE few months ago and it’s performing great
Zain Uddin
Zain Uddin 13 orë më parë
I prefer the tab s7 plus 5g when it comes to tablets
ALEX SEÑO 13 orë më parë
Who's here to just dload the new wallpaper? Hehe
Devin Griffiths
Devin Griffiths 13 orë më parë
This has been my daily driver for the past 3 months and it’s running great,quick,and smooth
Devin Griffiths
Devin Griffiths 13 orë më parë
Love this phone😧
Demetrich Stokes
Demetrich Stokes 13 orë më parë
Loving the wallpaper , thanks
themansk4 13 orë më parë
What kinda band is that you’re wearing?
Maykil107 13 orë më parë
i cant wait for it to be released
almarioDON 13 orë më parë
@zollotech are you able to link us where you got your Apple Watch band? Thanks 🙃
zollotech 13 orë më parë
It’s linked in the description
George Deters
George Deters 14 orë më parë
My iPhone 11 has Guide App needs fixed crashes and I hope iOS 14.5 software update can fix it soon as next April 20 update and fixed the weather radar to
aj 14 orë më parë
The current non beta update sux dix!!!
Deyman Hambidge
Deyman Hambidge 14 orë më parë
I’m due for a new pair of AirPods, should I wait for the apple event to get AirPods3 or just pick up a set out now?
Zinah J
Zinah J 14 orë më parë
My old iPhone there’s no SIM card in it? So there’s no backup now?? And no internet in my old iPhone so is that mean not working???
Gabriel Cadiente
Gabriel Cadiente 15 orë më parë
i saw my battery 50% and i cried😭🥺
Nicola Tesla
Nicola Tesla 15 orë më parë
Are these all covered by apple care ? And how much longer
Emily 15 orë më parë
When setting up manually, and logging to the Apple ID it sends a verification code can you receive the code through text if the phone service is cut off ?
ZappierRocket 15 orë më parë
(Story time) once I was like 5 and I accidentally dropped more
Endia Williams
Endia Williams 16 orë më parë
I'm switching from my crappy old budget Android phone after 2 years, and I'm generally really bored with Android. Decided to go with the 11 Pro Max over the 12 Pro Max because either way it's going to be a MASSIVE upgrade from what I have right now, they're mostly identical, and I can get the 11 Pro Max for several hundred dollars less. Sucks to miss out on the 5G, but it's not worth an extra what, $300+? compared to buying a lightly used 11 Pro Max.
Harsha Suresh
Harsha Suresh 16 orë më parë
Loving your vids Aaron!!!
MrUpsetGamer 16 orë më parë
Bought it new (actually new) in late 2020 and it's been amazing. $550 was a lot for an old iPhone but I never had an iPhone and just liked the 8 plus so much for so long I just had to do it.
Såmø awēsømë
Såmø awēsømë 16 orë më parë
I remember people comparing it with pocophone and saying the poco is better with better price , 2 years after i’m sure no one remember that poco or still using it if they were bought it
Olexandr Ignatov
Olexandr Ignatov 16 orë më parë
Is the Spotlight/Siri Suggestions bug fixed finally? It’s been dragging for almost a year now since beta 1. Apple is getting pathetic...
P D 16 orë më parë
Will it last until next 4 years?
James Logan
James Logan 17 orë më parë
That's my phone!
George Deters
George Deters 17 orë më parë
My iPhone 11 has one app needs fixed from iOS 14.5 update soon and weather radar to
Prince Nemesis Liwanag Valdez
Prince Nemesis Liwanag Valdez 18 orë më parë
Watching it to my Iphone XR
Hailey DeCaire
Hailey DeCaire 19 orë më parë
I’m having a problem, I’m receiving calls and can accept them, but then I hear nothing and I’m fairly certain the other persons line keeps ringing. Is my phone broken, a software thing, or a problem w my cell provider. (I appreciate any help or suggestions) :)
Rəşid Zeynalov
Rəşid Zeynalov 19 orë më parë
Will there be no update for iPhone 6s?
Levon Young
Levon Young 19 orë më parë
I bought a Apple Watch s3 in 2020 now it’s 2021 and I love it works good didn’t want to spend like 600$ on my Apple Watch even tho I could have and if the s6 that’s like 600$ was the only option I would have gone with that but I love my watch does not work that slow in my opinion it does have slow load times but the newer ones are probably much faster I like it it works good
ex_w 20 orë më parë
Hopefully getting this and if I do I’m getting airpods
Andre Staten
Andre Staten 20 orë më parë
4a XL?
MAC Kellar
MAC Kellar 20 orë më parë
Please elaborate/explain 'hole punch display'. You are like a CRYSTAL BALL for all things tech Aaron. Keep your informative posts coming. You are SMOOOOTH and far superior than others. I'm grateful I found your site. "Mac"
DJ DA VINCI 20 orë më parë
MD SAMEER HOSSAIN 20 orë më parë
Thanks man ❤️ Love you loads
mateusz_krawczyk 20 orë më parë
where did you get that wallpaper
kacper 0578
kacper 0578 20 orë më parë
I am upgrading from an Huawei mate 10 to an iPhone 11
Abubakkar Siddik
Abubakkar Siddik 21 orë më parë
Awesome 😎 review watching in Xs
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal 21 orë më parë
Of course there's going to be a beta 8 one thing I can guarantee you is the battery life will still be horrific on both the watch and the phone
Medushius 21 orë më parë
why do i watch these even if i cant afford them
Çháøś Ent
Çháøś Ent 22 orë më parë
Bluetooth cellular to WiFi data is still buggy baaaad on iPhone 7 also battery life is half and it still flicker on boot noooo change its getting worst each time
JIRKA from PRAGUE 23 orë më parë
Waiting for Beta 12 Pro Max. LOL
inan 23 orë më parë
short answer yes in my opinion: i still have an iphone 7 and it works great to this day so a iphone xr would be 100% better
Hemant Singh
Hemant Singh 23 orë më parë
Great 👍🏻